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Carpet Cleaning ServicePrecise Carpet Cleaning services the entire St. Louis Metro area including the Chesterfield Mo. We have been cleaning carpet in the St. Louis area since 1995 and have many customers in Chesterfield. We recently cleaned for a customer in Chesterfield and wanted to post a picture of the work we did.

We see a wide variety of flooring in our customers homes but in Chesterfield we may have the widest variety. Some of the best warranted carpets are often seen while cleaning carpet in Chesterfield. When cleaning a warranted carpet there are some things you should know. First, most if not all carpet manufacturers require your carpet to be cleaning every year or two to keep your carpet warranty in tact.  You must use a certified carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Certifications.

There is two certifications to look for and most carpet manufacturers require both certifications. The first certification is the IICRC or The Clean Trust, both are the same organization. The company you use must be a certified firm with the IICRC. The second is the Carpet and Rug Institute. The company you use must be an Approved Service Provider for them. Just seeing the logo or being told the company is certified is not enough. Unfortunately some carpet cleaning companies advertise they are certified but may not be. To verify the company you chose is really certified. You need to check the IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute websites.  and

If you see a company advertising they are certified but are not listed on the website. You may want to continue looking for a more reputable company to work on your carpet. This is a continual problem where some customers have to pay twice to clean their carpet because they chose a company that was not certified and than had a warranty claim.

About Carpet Warranties.

Another thing to consider when you have a carpet warranty. Is that these are designed to help customers that have a true defect in their carpet. We often see customer that have minor issues with their carpet. This is normally not enough for a warranty claim. Most manufacturer have quite a few stipulations on their warranties. And you really need to be having a big problem to get help from the carpet manufacturer. We always recommend to take the best care of your carpet that you can by vacuuming 2 to 3 times a week and having it professionally cleaning every 6 months to 2 years. This way you most likely will not need your warranty for anything other than piece of mind. You can contact us if you have any questions.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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