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Kirkwood Carpet Cleaning

Your Kirkwood home or business is in good hands with Precise Carpet Cleaning. We’re an IICRC Certified Firm and an Approved Service Provider for the Carpet and Rug Institute. This means we are approved and certified to clean all warranted carpets. Every appointment features experienced IICRC-certified technicians for our Kirkwood customers.

At Precise Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on amazing customer service. We listened to our parents talk about cleaning. They offered many sayings to describe how to clean something, as well as describe the result. Let’s take a closer look at those cleaning idioms while we show you the amazing services Precise Carpet Cleaning has offered Kirkwood residents since 1995.


Kirkwood Carpet Cleaning

Thorough carpet cleaning just takes a little “elbow grease,” right? That phrase has been around almost 400 years and simply refers to the sweat that results from hard work. To clean residential and commercial carpets, we use a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning system that efficiently and thoroughly cleans your carpets. We utilize both traditional or green cleaning products. After cleaning your carpets, we thoroughly rinse them with a rinsing agent to ensure no residue is left behind and help soften the carpet. This is an important step to help keep your carpets cleaner longer. Your carpets are dry in only 2 to 5 hours.


Kirkwood Area Rug Cleaning & Washing

Your area rugs deserve to be “clean as a whistle.” This saying traces back to 1872 and notes that something should be as clean as the sound of a whistle, clear and sharp. Nothing gets your area rugs as sharp as area rug cleaning and washing from Precise Carpet Cleaning. This is best completed at our state-of-the-art facility. Some synthetic area rugs can be cleaned in your home. We offer convenient pick up and delivery of your area rugs, too. Wool and oriental rugs are better cleaned at our facility.


Kirkwood Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery that is approved for water cleaning is made “spick and span” water with our truck-mounted steam cleaning system. That phrase from 1665 means as fresh as a freshly cut wood chip. Precise Carpet Cleaning won’t leave any saw dust behind. Dry-clean only upholstery is cleaned by hand in your home. We can clean any furniture upholstery and automotive upholstery, too.


Kirkwood Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is performed using the best process available and will leave your home with a “breath of fresh air.” Really! We use negative air cleaning with the push/pull system- the healthiest way to clean your air duct system. This highly recommended cleaning method uses a HEPA filter, rotating brushes and a strong compressed air to clean your system completely.


Kirkwood Wood Floor Cleaning

Keeping your hardwood floors shining like the top of the Chrysler Building. Miss Hannigan told this to Annie and the orphans in the original Broadway musical, Annie. While the Chrysler Building is adorned in German austenitic stainless steel, your hardwood floors can be just as stunning with our professional wood floor cleaning. We can also apply an additional coat of urethane after cleaning if needed. We clean laminate flooring, too.


Kirkwood Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

You might think you have to “put your back into it” to get your ceramic tile and grout fresh. Don’t worry, our truck-mounted steam cleaning system cleans ceramic tile and grout that dries in about an hour. After cleaning, we include sealing the grout with a premium grout sealer.


Kirkwood Water Damage Restoration

Don’t let “the perfect storm” dump water in your house. If any unwanted water enters your Kirkwood home or business, we can help you dry it out with our water damage restoration services. Precise Carpet Cleaning will clean and dry your carpeted and upholstered items, and even provide large fans and dehumidifiers to get things dry again.


Kirkwood Pet Odor Removal

Our pet odor removal services are the “best thing since sliced bread.” If there is pet urine odor in your carpet or upholstery, pet odor removal is needed. If you need pet odor removal, please tell your technician before they begin to pre-treat your carpets or upholstery. This will allow us to properly inspect the area. Due to the nature of pet urine, there is an additional process needed to thoroughly remove it and is done before we clean your carpet or upholstery.

Precise Carpet Cleaning services don’t cost you an arm and a leg. We’re spilling the beans on the best Kirkwood carpet cleaning service available, and that is Precise Carpet Cleaning. There is a method to our madness, so throw caution to the wind and call us today to keep your house fresh as a daisy!

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