Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Pet odor and stain removal can be a major problem for homeowner’s with furry friends. When left in the carpet too long, stains can be much harder to remove. In some cases, this can cause  a stain that will not come out completely, resulting in a discolored – and even smelly – carpet.

As a carpet cleaning company in St. Louis, Precise Carpet Cleaning is specially trained to help as much as possible with this problem. We have the equipment, correct products, and knowledge to flush out the odor from under the carpet. This is needed to be able to remove odors and prevent the spots from coming back.

Without performing this process there will be a high likely hood of the odor coming back at some point down the road. This process is done before our certified carpet cleaners thoroughly clean your carpet.

Treat Pet Odor & Stains Immediately & Correctly

It is important to treat pet odors and stains correctly the first time; otherwise, you can end up with a bigger problem that may be even harder to handle in the future. Often when a pet has an accident on the carpet, many people just spray a deodorizer on the carpet after cleaning it. This method will only help a small amount, and once the deodorizer’s smell goes away, the urine smell will come right back.

When you have pet odors and stains deep in your carpet, the cleaning process needed to remove it is a hot water extraction. This is best done with a large truck-mounted steam cleaning machine. These machines have the extraction power needed to remove the urine that soaked into the backing of the carpet, which is where the majority of the urine smell comes from.

Pet odor removal in area rugs is done at our facility in St. Charles, MO. The process for removing pet urine from an area rug is to soak the whole rug before cleaning. This allows complete pet odor removal from the rug.

What to Expect From Your Pet Odor & Stain Removal

We can help if you have pet odor problems in your carpet, area rugs, upholstery, or any other area.

When we clean a carpet that has pet stains and odor, we follow a few basic steps:

Step 1

First, we will inspect your carpets with a black light and moisture sensor to pick out the areas in need of treatment.

Step 2

Next, we use a pet odor and stain removal product and work this product down to the backing of the carpet, which is where most of the urine is trapped.

Step 3

Then, we use an extraction tool that is designed to extract water out of the pad of the carpet. This will remove a good portion of the urine that gets under the carpet.

Step 4

After we have removed as much urine as possible, we will thoroughly clean and rinse the entire carpet.

In most cases, we can give complete odor and stain removal to our customers. However, that is not always the case if the problem has gone on too long the urine may have gotten into the tack strip around the edges and into the sub floor. Odors in the sub floor and tack strip are much harder to remove. At this point, we suggest talking with your technician to discuss what other options are available.

Fully Certified, Experienced Technicians

Precise Carpet Cleaning has been serving the St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri areas since 1995. We always do our best to provide you with the finest quality pet odor and stain removal service possible. To reach this goal, we use only the best cleaning process and certified products. Additionally, we hire only the most professional, courteous and qualified technicians to clean your carpets. We ensure our technicians are:

And it shows: Precise Carpet Cleaning has a gold rating through the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

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