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Precise Carpet Cleaning provides area rug and oriental rug cleaning services at our facility in St. Charles, MO. We offer a wide variety of area rug cleaning options to suit your needs including fully washing oriental rugs. Whether you have a synthetic, wool, oriental, Persian, or Karastan rug we can properly clean them.

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Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles

There is a wide variety of area rugs in homes and businesses today. We can help clean them all. (or at least most of them) If you have synthetic rugs, we can easily clean them at our facility and sometimes in your home. If you require pet odor and stain removal, we recommend cleaning them at our facility for the best possible result. Oriental rug washing is provided at our facility. Pick up and delivery is available in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and some surrounding areas.

Our IICRC Certified technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning oriental and synthetic rugs. Precise has been providing area rug cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO. for over 25 years.

All area rugs are cleaned or washed using fresh water, we do not clean multiple rugs with the same solution, even when there is pet odor involved.

Please note that our pick up and drop off services are by appointment.

Process for Cleaning Oriental Rugs with Care


Please note that our pick up and drop off services are by appointment.

Oriental rugs or woven wool rugs should be fully washed at our facility in St. Charles, MO. By cleaning them at our facility, you can be sure that your fine rugs will be completely clean - even those with large amounts of soiling.

The first step is to inspect the rug, this step allows us to see the condition of the rug before cleaning.  After we are comfortable with the clean ability of the rug we will proceed with dusting and vacuuming the rug.

Dusting and Vacuuming Oriental Rugs

The next step is to dust and vacuum the area rug. This is done by placing the rug upside down and running a specific vacuum over the back side. The vacuum is designed to vibrate the rug. This is to allow the heavy particles to be beaten out of the rug before vacuuming and washing. After dusting the rug we thoroughly vacuum it to prepare the rug for the washing process. A large amount of small soil and dust will be removed during this step making this a very important part of the washing process.

Oriental Rug Washing Process

Next is the washing process. This is a full washing similar to what your washing machine does for your clothes and is the best and most recommended way to clean woven rugs. We will place the rug in our washing area and fully soak the rug. Each rug is cleaned by itself with fresh water, we do not put any rug in water with other rugs during the washing or pet odor removal process. This is a big difference between how we clean compared to how other companies clean. After the area rug is fully soaked all the way through, we apply our oriental rug shampoo. As we shampoo the rug the soil is being lifter up and out of the rug. We will wash both sides of woven rugs with fresh water to be sure it is fully cleaned. Cleaning the back side of the rug allows us to get all the really deep soil out.

During the area rug cleaning process we are running large amounts of water over the rug to wash away the soil. This will continue until the rug is completely clean of soil and all the shampoo has been rinsed out. This is much better than running a rug through a machine since we can keep washing the rug until it is completely clean.  After washing the rug we then turn to the fringe. The Fringe will need to be dried quickly and any detail work will be done at this time.

Pet Odor Removal for Wool Rugs

If you have pet accidents in your wool rug we can help. We have a very thorough process to remove pet urine from your wool area rug. We soak the rug before the cleaning process in a pet odor removal product, this is a fresh bath and no other rugs are soaked at the same time or with the same pet odor removal solution. Other companies tend to use the same pet odor removal bath for multiple rugs to keep their cost down, but this is not sanitary and we do not do it. Soaking the rug in our fresh pet odor removal product allows us to rinse the urine out before the cleaning process.  Old pet urine can damage the dyes in a wool rug so the quicker you get it completely removed the safer it is for your wool rug.

Oriental Rug Drying Process

Once the cleaning process is done, we will proceed in drying the rug as quickly as possible. This is done with large fans and dehumidifiers. Some rugs will dry in a few hours while others will take a day or so. After cleaning we can apply a fine rug protector.

For added convenience, we offer you the option to either drop off your fine rugs at our facility to be cleaned, or we can pick them up from your home and bring them back to you after they are washed and dried.

Process for Cleaning Synthetic Area Rugs

We can clean your synthetic rugs at your home or at our cleaning facility. Please let us know beforehand which option you prefer, though we will always advise you as to the best option. In some cases, it is may be easier to clean a rug in your home, and for others it is better to bring it in for a cleaning. This process ensures that your area rugs get the care they deserve.

When We Clean Synthetic Area Rugs in Your Home, This is What Your Should Expect

Step 1

We will move your small to medium sized furniture before cleaning. Please note, we do not move large furniture like beds, Dressers, bookshelves, or entertainment systems. We can clean around these items.

Step 2

Precise technicians will place protective guards around each corner in your home to be sure our hoses don't damage your walls.

Step 3

Next, we will pre-treat the entire area rug with the necessary certified cleaning products.  Green cleaning products are available.

Step 4

Then, we will use a rinsing agent to flush away all the soil in the rug, along with any cleaning residue.

Step 5

At Precise, our large, truck-mounted steam cleaning unit provides your area rugs with a deep clean and will dry your carpets in about 2-5 hours.

When We Clean Your Synthetic Area Rugs at Our Facility, This is What You Should Expect

Please note that our pick up and drop off services are by appointment.

When cleaning synthetic rugs at our facility we use a combination of different methods to clean your rug. Cleaning at our facility gives us more options and allows for a more thorough cleaning since we can use fans and dehumidifiers to quickly dry the rugs. Along with thoroughly dusting the rug prior to cleaning.

Pet odor removal along with pickup and delivery is available for all types of rugs.

Additional Services*

*Extra services can be completed by request at the time of your carpet cleaning for an additional fee and will require additional drying time.


Fabric Protection

A fabric protector will keep your area rugs clean longer and protect them from hard-to-remove spots and soiling. It will also help keep high-traffic areas from getting worn down in-between cleanings, which extends the life of your area rugs.


Pet Odor Removal

We also offer a pet odor removal to treat stubborn stains and eliminate odors that have seeped into the area rug backing. Pet odor removal is completed before your area rugs are pre-treated. We will do a pre-inspection with a black light and moisture sensor to pick out the areas in need of treatment. Please tell our technicians if you want pet odor removal before they begin to pre-treat your area rugs.

Fully Certified, Experienced Technicians

We hire only the most professional, courteous technicians to clean your carpets. Our technicians are:

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