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Precise Carpet Cleaning provides exceptional area rug and Oriental rug cleaning services at our convenient facility in St. Charles, Missouri. We offer a full spectrum of area rug cleaning services to suit your needs including fully washing Oriental rugs. Whether your area rug is synthetic, wool, Oriental, Persian, or Karastan, we properly clean them.

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Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles

You have an endless choice of ornamental rugs to decorate your home and business. The experts at Precise Carpet Cleaning can clean just about all of them.


Synthetic Rug Cleaning

Synthetic rugs can be professionally cleaned with ease at our St. Charles facility or at your home in some cases.


Pet Odor & Stain Removal

When pet odor and stain removal is needed, we recommend cleaning at our facility for the best possible result. We treat your treasured rugs as if they were our own.


Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning / Washing

Oriental and Persian rugs are cleaned or washed onsite at our facility. Pick up and delivery is available in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and limited surrounding areas.

Precise Carpet Cleaning uses only fresh water to clean your area rugs. We will never clean multiple rugs with the same solution, even when pet odor is involved.

Each of our technicians has earned Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and exceed the highest standards in area rug cleaning. We’ve been keeping metropolitan St. Louis and St. Charles rugs clean for nearly three decades. Our customers use us again and again because of our superior service.

* Please note that our pick up and drop off services are by appointment.

Process for Cleaning Oriental Rugs with Care

Oriental rugs or woven wool rugs should be fully washed at our facility conveniently located in St. Charles, Missouri. This ensures complete and careful cleaning of your fine rugs, since deep cleaning of these rugs is always needed.

  • 1
    Detailed Inspection

    The first step is detailed inspection of your Oriental rug. We are careful to properly identify your rug's material, as it is important in prolonging its life. 

  • 2
    Identify Treatment

    We document any need for repair or special treatment. 

  • 3
    Care of the Rug

    Finally, we will talk with you about your Oriental rug, where it came from, how it is used in your home or business, and answer any questions you have about the care of the rug.

Once our technicians are familiar with your rug, the next step is to dust and vacuum. We place the rug upside down and utilize a specialized machine designed to vibrate the rug. This is allows the release of heavy particles from the rug before vacuuming and washing. Your rug is then thoroughly vacuumed for the washing process. You’d be surprised at the large amount of small soil and dust particles removed during this step. Not all companies may take this extra effort, so rest assured that Precise Carpet Cleaning uses a comprehensive process to get your Oriental rugs looking new again.

Our Oriental rug washing process is thorough yet careful on your rug. It is similar to what a standard washing machine would do you’re your garments, and it is the best and most recommended way to clean woven rugs. Rugs are fully soaked with fresh water and cleaned one at a time. Water is not reused for any of this process. This is another step that sets Precise Carpet Cleaning services above its competition. Once wet, we apply our Oriental rug shampoo to both sides of the rug to get it as clean as possible.

Rinsing your rug with fresh water is repeated until all of the dirt and shampoo has been removed. This process is superior to using a commercial washing machine because we keep going until the rug is clean to our highest standards. We finish the process by paying special attention to any fringe on your rug. We make sure it is dried quickly, and we perform any detail work at this step of the cleaning process.

Professional pet odor removal is available for your wool rug. Our state-of the art process is thorough and provides new life to your soiled rug. We soak the rug before the cleaning process in a pet odor removal product. Other companies may use the same pet odor removal bath for multiple rugs to keep their cost down. Not Precise Carpet Cleaning. We use fresh water for each step of our cleaning process and only clean one rug at a time. This is more sanitary and results in a fresher outcome, as pet waste is rinsed away before the cleaning process begins. Remember that old pet urine can damage the dyes in a wool rug, so the quicker you get it completely removed the safer it is for your wool rug.

Once we are sure your Oriental rug is perfectly clean, we quickly proceed to the drying process. This is accomplished with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. It can take a few hours or as much as a day or more to dry a rug. We also offer the option of applying a fine rug protector. For your convenience, you can either drop off your fine rugs at our facility, or we can pick them up and return them after our expert cleaning process is completed.

Process for Cleaning Synthetic Area Rugs

Your synthetic rugs can be cleaned at your home or business as well as at our St. Charles facility. We will ask you details about your rug and advise you of the best option for your needs. In some cases, it is may be easier to clean a rug in your home, and for others it is better to bring it in for a cleaning. This process ensures that your area rugs get the care they deserve.

What to Expect for Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning in Your Home or Business

  • 1
    Step 1: Inspect Rug

    The first thing we will do is inspect the rug. This allows us to know what kind of rug it is and what options we have to clean it. 

  • 2
    Step 2: Protective Corner Guards

    Precise Carpet Cleaning technicians will place protective guards around each corner in your home to prevent wall damage from our hoses.

  • 3
    Step 3: Pre-treat

    We will pre-treat the entire area rug with the necessary certified cleaning products. Ask us about our available green cleaning products.

  • 4
    Step 4: Rinse

    We will use a rinsing agent to flush away all soil and cleaning residue in the rug. This done using a large truck-mounted steam cleaning system. 

What to Expect for Synthetic Area Rugs at Our St. Charles Facility

When cleaning synthetic rugs at our facility, a combination of methods is used to clean your rug. We start with a thorough dust and vacuum of your rug. Cleaning your rug at our facility allows for more cleaning options so we can use the best one for your specific rug type. Our drying process with large fans and dehumidifiers quickly dries your area rug. We clean your synthetic rug efficiently and professionally every time. Area rugs will benefit from a deep cleaning every 12-18 months.

Pet odor removal, Protective coating, and pickup and delivery is available for all types of rugs.

More than 75% of the dirt and dust in your home can end up on your area rug.

This may end up back in the air affecting your air quality. Professional area rug cleaning from Precise Carpet Cleaning is fast, efficient and complete. Contact call today and let us show you why our new customers become forever customers. For your free estimate, call (636) 939-1008 or (314) 432-1008.

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