Upholstery Cleaning

While our floors get a lot of foot traffic and we can easily see when they need to be cleaned, we typically don't give our upholstery the same amount of attention. Precise Carpet Cleaning provides upholstery cleaning in St. Louis for all types of upholstery, including any dry clean or leather pieces you may have..

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Upholstery Cleaning

Since we use our furniture every day, it is even more important to clean on a regular basis. If upholstery is properly maintained it will last much longer and give you a clean and healthy place to relax around your home. We clean everything from cotton to microfiber.

Precise has over 25 years experience cleaning all types of upholstery in St. Louis and the surrounding area. With our IICRC Certification and experienced certified technicians your sofa, loveseat, or chair will be cleaned to the highest standards. We also clean mattresses if needed.

What to Expect from Your Upholstery Cleaning

Most upholstery will be steam cleaned using our truck-mounted steam cleaning machines and will be dry in about 2-5 hours. Upholstery that needs to be dry cleaned is no challenge at all; we will hand clean it using a dry-cleaning solution. Our comprehensive upholstery cleaning services includes:

Step 1

Our experienced and certified technicians will put protective guards around each of the corners in your home, which ensures our hoses do not damage your walls.

Step 2

Next, we will pre-treat the entire upholstery with the necessary cleaning products. We even offer a green cleaning option.

Step 3

Then, we will use a rinsing agent to flush away all the soil present, along with any cleaning residue.

For upholstery that needs to be dry cleaned, we use a waterless cleaning product to ensure the delicate fabric is not damaged. We are you local certified professional upholstery cleaner.

What to Expect From Your Leather Upholstery Cleaning

If you have leather upholstery in your home, rest assured that Precise Carpet Cleaning's St. Louis technicians are also certified to clean your leather with the best and safest products and methods:

Step 1

First, we apply a leather cleaning product to the entire piece.

Step 2

Next, we use a soft micro-fiber towel to remove the cleaner and any soil.

Step 3

Finally, we apply a conditioner to recondition the leather to its original luster.

Cleaning your leather upholstery will ensure that it will stay in good condition longer, extending its life. Cleaning and conditioning the leather will also help keep it from cracking and becoming damaged.

If you have any questions about our leather cleaning services, please contact us today.

Cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis will ensure that it stays in good condition longer and will extend the life of the upholstery. At Precise Carpet Cleaning St. Charles, we will clean couches and sofas, loveseats, living room and dining room chairs and other pieces of furniture, including mattresses. Please note that we cannot clean memory foam mattresses. Cleaning your mattress can help remove allergens that cause problems for some child or adults with allergies.

At Precise Carpet Cleaning, we will always give you a good idea of the condition of your upholstery and what you can do to help maintain it in the future.


Green Upholstery Cleaning Available Upon Request

Choosing green upholstery cleaning does not change our cleaning process - we still use the same tried-and true cleaning techniques and personal care to ensure that your home is cleaned to your satisfaction. The only difference is we will use green cleaning products instead of our regular ones.

Additional Services*

*Extra services can be completed by request at the time of your carpet cleaning for an additional fee and will require additional drying time.


Fabric Protector

We can apply a fabric protector like Scotchgard to keep your upholstery clean longer and protect it from hard-to-remove spots and soiling.


Pet Odor Removal

We also offer a pet odor removal system to treat stubborn stains and eliminate odors. Pet odor removal is completed before the upholstery is pre-treated. We will do a pre-inspection with a black light to pick out the areas to be treated. Please tell our technicians if you want pet odor removal before they begin to pre-treat your upholstery.

Fully Certified, Experienced Technicians

We hire only the most professional, courteous technicians to clean your carpets. Our technicians are:

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