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Our carpet cleaning process is much different then most companies, as it is set up to be the best way we can clean your home to your satisfaction. Our CRI certified cleaning products are safe for children and pets and are all thoroughly rinsed away after cleaning. Cleaning and rinsing products have to be used to provide a proper cleaning, as water alone can only remove a little of what can come out.

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We Hire Only Courteous, Certified Professionals

At Precise Carpet Cleaning, we know how important it is to send a professionally certified technician that will make you feel comfortable and safe while working in your home. Thorough background checks are done before hiring and we are very selective in hiring the best and safest technicians, as we understand we are sending technicians into your home.

If you have ever had workers in your house that tried to force you to buy things you didn’t need or that made you feel uncomfortably you will appreciate the extra effort we put into hiring and training our staff.

We Give Your Home The Best Clean

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Our cleaning processes are the best available for each service we offer. Other companies sometimes advertise a low price for an inferior method with an upcharge to a proper cleaning method. Some even charge extra for deep cleaning and for spot removal. We often hear that the price advertised with other companies is not the actual price customers pay.

You can read about this in their company reviews. Sometimes the price will double with deep cleaning or spot removal. These services should be included in the cleaning price and with us they are. Low moisture or dry carpet cleaning processes are very basic and can only remove a small portion of dirt and grime. The carpet may look a little better after cleaning but most of the soil will be pushed deep down, making a proper cleaning later on even more challenging.

Precise Carpet Cleaning ensures that your carpets are fully cleaned for a beautiful, healthy home.

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