Cleaning Services in Wentzville, Missouri

Cleaning Services in Wentzville, Missouri

Wentzville, Missouri is an increasingly popular outer rim suburb of St. Louis, and people continue to flock there. This city located 40 miles west of the Gateway Arch has been the fastest growing city in Missouri since 2000. Since the transcontinental railroad began construction in through Missouri in 1855, residents in Wentzville have taken pride in their city and their homes. Precise Carpet Cleaning has been helping keep Wentzville homes clean since 1955.

Precise Carpet Cleaning is an IICRC Certified Firm serving Wentzville and the majority of metropolitan St. Louis. We are an Approved Service Provider for the Carpet and Rug Institute. This indicates we are certified and approved to work on warranted carpet. With these certifications, you can guarantee that an experienced and IICRC certified technician is on every cleaning appointment.

Precise Carpet Cleaning is…


…Your Wentzville Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Specialist.

Your residential and commercial carpets are calling for a deep clean. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system is the perfect way to get your carpets looking and feeling their best. We use safe, effective cleaning products that are gentle on your carpets, but tough on dirt and grime. And after we're finished, your carpets will be dry in just 2-5 hours. We also offer a variety of green cleaning options, so you can be sure that your carpets are being cleaned in an environmentally friendly way. What really sets us apart is our attention to detail. We take the time to thoroughly rinse our carpets after cleaning, so there's no residue left behind. This ensures that your carpets will be soft, fresh, and free of any lingering odors.


…Your Wentzville Area Rug Cleaning & Washing Expert.

We understand that your area rugs are an investment. That's why we offer a variety of area rug cleaning options to fit your needs. For most area rugs, we recommend cleaning them at our facility. This ensures that your rugs are cleaned properly and that they will last for years to come. However, if you have a synthetic area rug, we may be able to clean it in your home. This is a great option if you want to save time and money. Ask us about our available area rug pickup and delivery services for the Wentzville, Missouri area.


…Your Wentzville Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Professional.

Prepare to be amazed as we transform your dull and lifeless upholstery into a vibrant oasis of freshness with our professional upholstery cleaning. We take pride in our state-of-the-art truck-mounted leaning system and unmatched expertise. Our revolutionary process means you can expect your furniture to be ready for action in just 2 to 5 hours. We work efficiently, ensuring you can relish the comfort of your revitalized upholstery in no time. Even those items labeled as "dry clean only" are no match for our skilled technicians. We go above and beyond to provide top-notch cleaning for every type of furniture fabric imaginable.


…Your Wentzville Air Duct Cleaning Wizard.

Unleash the power of fresh with our air duct cleaning services. When it comes to cleaning your air duct system, we believe in nothing short of perfection. That's why we employ the most cutting-edge process known as negative air cleaning with the remarkable push/pull system. Brace yourself for the ultimate deep cleanse that will leave your air ducts breathing a sigh of relief. Our two-part process begins by connecting a state-of-the-art, HEPA-filtered negative air machine to your duct system. Our dedicated team takes it up a notch by utilizing a combination of rotating brushes and a powerful burst of compressed air. This dynamic duo ensures that even the most stubborn particles are dislodged, banishing them from your air ducts for good.


…Your Wentzville Wood Floor Cleaning Solution Provider.

Maintaining the timeless beauty of your hardwood floors can feel like an uphill battle. We are here to rescue you from the clutches of dullness and restore your floors with our professional wood floor cleaning solutions. We understand the unique challenges that come with hardwood floors, which is why we bring our expertise directly to your doorstep in and around the captivating Wentzville area. We go above and beyond mere cleaning. If your floors require an extra touch of care, we can lavish them with an additional coat of urethane. Watch in awe as your floors receive a new lease on life, shimmering and gleaming like never before. Whether you have elegant laminate or any other type of hard flooring, our talented team is well-equipped to deliver exceptional cleaning results.


…Your Wentzville Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Guru.

Your tile floors deserve to be the center of attention, especially in high-traffic areas like your kitchen. It's time to give them the care they crave. We have terrific ceramic tile cleaning services, powered by the efficiency and thoroughness of our cutting-edge truck-mounted steam cleaning system. We will release the potential of your tiles, revealing a radiant shine in the blink of an eye in an hour or two. Precise gives you swift and stunning results. We go the extra mile by including a premium grout sealer in our service.


… Your Wentzville Water Damage Restoration Authority.

When unwelcome water invades your space, we are here to turn the tide with our unrivaled water damage restoration services. At Precise, we specialize in combating the aftermath of water intrusion. No more soggy carpets or waterlogged floors haunting your every step. Our expert team swoops in, swiftly extracting excess water from all surfaces, leaving them refreshed and revitalized. We dry every nook and cranny within your structure, with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. Be sure to call as soon as you notice water intrusion to prevent damage. Prepare to witness the remarkable resurrection of your home or business after water invades it.


…Your Wentzville Pet Odor Removal Powerhouse.

Don't let your living space become a playground for unwanted scents. We understand the struggle of dealing with pet urine in your cherished carpets and upholstery. We also understand your pets are even more cherished.  Our pet odor removal process targets the very source of the problem, eliminating pet urine before embarking on the cleaning journey. Say goodbye to lingering odors and hello to a revitalized and sweet-smelling environment. If you desire the magic of pet odor removal during your scheduled cleaning session, simply inform our skilled technicians. Before we work our cleaning wonders, we do our best to make sure no trace of pet odor remains.

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IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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