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Reasons to Clean Your Dryer Vent Why you should clean your dryer vent

Reasons to Clean Your Dryer Vent

Some dryer vents will need to be cleaned often. These vents collect lint and can sometimes cause house fires if they are not properly cleaned out. Some vents need to be cleaned every 6 months to a year and some will need it every few years. If you have a flexible vent that goes directly […]

Why Is My House So Dusty! Reasons my house might be dust

Why Is My House So Dusty!

Its winter right now and that can present a few extra problems with dust in your home or business. One reason for that is the dry air, it will make your skin drier than usual and that will cause more dust being produced in your home. A few other things that could be causing problems […]

Carpet Spot Removal Guide Your guide to carpet spot removal

Carpet Spot Removal Guide

This is from the Carpet and Rug Institute to help with carpet spot removal. We often clean rugs and carpet that have a lot of cleaning residue in them. This is caused by using cleaning products that leave residue and not properly rinsing them out after. It is important to properly rinse out any cleaning […]

Air Duct Cleaning Process picture of vent cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Your air duct system can be a hidden area for dust and allergens. The duct system can be a real challenge to get properly clean. That’s why Precise Carpet Cleaning provides Air Duct Cleaning for the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas. Our process is by far the best way we have to clean […]

All About Pet Urine in Carpet picture of pet odor in rug

All About Pet Urine in Carpet

Since many of our customers have pets with pet odor removal issues we wanted to explain a little about what may be going on under the surface. Most carpets are made of plastic so they do not absorb much moisture. When an animal urinates in carpet most of the urine will settle in the backing […]

Which Vacuum Should I Choose? Benefits of using a quality vacuum

Which Vacuum Should I Choose?

Vacuums make a big difference in how clean your floors and air get in your home. If you are using a poor quality vacuum you may be leaving a lot of dirt and dust in your carpet and in the air after vacuuming. In earlier posts we have been talking about HEPA filtered vacuums. In […]

Leave Your Shoes at the Door! Why you should leave your shoes at the door

Leave Your Shoes at the Door!

Wearing your shoes inside your home can bring in bacteria and many other things. It is a very good idea to use separate shoes for outdoors and indoors. Even walking around your property you can track in fertilizer, weed, control, and insecticides. All these things and more can be brought into your home by wearing […]

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