Spring Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

With all the extreme weather we have been having in St. Louis this winter, spring cleaning will be more important than a usual year. One reason why it is more important to get your carpets cleaned this spring is the salt that was most likely brought in due to all the snow we received in […]

Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

Summer can be a great time to do your carpet cleaning in St. Louis. It may be hot outside, but since we run our air conditioners during this time the carpet will dry fairly quick. Running a air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier so the air in your home is normally much drier at this […]

Carpet Cleaning Ladue Mo.

Early spring is a great time to have carpet cleaning Ladue Mo. done. Because by now most of the snow is done and with more sunlight out it is easy to see how dirty the carpet has got over the winter months. Cleaning your carpet now is a good way to get started on all […]

Cleaning up for Super Bowl Week

With the super bowl coming up this weekend we would like to offer our services to help clean up before or after the big game. Because of the changing weather conditions in St. Louis we know that it is hard to keep your carpets and furniture cleaned during the winter.

Clean Carpet vs New Carpet

At Precise Carpet Cleaning St. Louis Mo. we would love to make every carpet we clean look brand new again. A lot of times this isn’t possible. Although we try to do everything we can to accomplish this. The truth is there is a difference between clean carpet vs new carpet. Every carpet we service […]

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