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We have been providing air duct cleaning in the St. Charles and St. Louis area for over 20 years

We can be obsessive with cleaning. We wash our produce before eating it. We launder our towels in hot water and run the dishwasher several times a week. As a result of the COVID pandemic, you can’t turn around without running into hand sanitizer. After you’ve painstakingly scrubbed your home, it is time to breath easy. Right?

Your home won’t be thoroughly clean until you’ve included the air ducts. We use negative air cleaning with the push/pull system. This is the best and only recommended way to clean your air duct system. The result is cleaner air, less dust on your furniture and an HVAC system that runs more efficiently.


Indoor air quality is often overlooked

But it is important to make sure the air inside your home is as free of dust, allergens and germs as possible. Cleaning your air ducts will provide you cleaner air and lower energy bills while also removing debris lurking in your ducts, so going the extra step is a great choice for your health.

the best air duct cleaning companies with sanitization

There is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing air ducts

Professional St. Charles and St. Louis air duct cleaning from Precise Carpet Cleaning involves our skilled technicians using specialized equipment to completely remove dust and debris from your air ducts that build up over time.

Negative Air Cleaning with the Push/Pull System is the Best Process

There is a few basic processes out there. We use the best and only recommended way to clean your air duct system. It is called negative air cleaning with the push/pull system. This basically means we are able to clean the whole system.


  • What could be hiding in those air ducts?

    A variety of bacteria may be present in your air ducts. It is important for St. Louis business owners to understand how they affect individuals. St. Charles homeowners will also appreciate knowing what is taking up residence in the air system and how to take care of the problem once and for all.

  • There might be fungus among us.

    Mold is the most common fungus type to make itself comfortable in your air ducts. Mold thrives in environments which are humid and warm, and its worse when ample dirt and debris are present. Once mold appears in your air ducts, it can circulate spores in the air. The air quality of your St. Louis home or St. Charles business will degrade severely over time if the problem is not addressed.

  • There might also be bioaerosols adorning your air duct system.

    This entails an airborne collection of biological material including bacteria, dust mites, pollen and more. Bioaerosols can cause allergic reactions, and some exposure to certain bacteria can lead to respiratory infections and even pneumonia.

What are signs that my air ducts need cleaning?

Warning signs that cleaning your air ducts is a good idea involve your health. Children and elderly are more susceptible to reactions to air quality problems and may exhibit watery eyes, sinus congestion, or throat irritation. Signs of hay fever are also common.

More serious symptoms such as headaches and difficulty breathing might occur with heavy exposure to some viruses and bacteria species. The importance of clean air to protect the health and safety of your loved ones cannot be overstated.


Call us today to find out precisely why Precise Carpet Cleaning is the best.

Are you looking for the best solution to cleaning your air ducts?

The answer for clean indoor air in St. Charles and St. Louis is Precise Carpet Cleaning. Professional air duct cleaning is precisely what you need if:

  • You or family members are susceptible to allergies.
  • There are pets in the household.
  • Your home has recently experienced water damage or leaks.
  • There is an unpleasant odor emanating from your duct work.
  • You haven’t cleaned your air ducts in a long time and want to start fresh.

The very best, the pinnacle, the top of the heap, the royalty of air duct cleaning in St. Charles and St. Louis is Precise Carpet Cleaning. Especially when family and friends come to celebrate special days in your home, you can rely on Precise Carpet Cleaning to make your carpets look beautiful and make your air just as clean.

From inspection of your system through cleaning and equipment removal, our technicians are the best in the business.

Precise Carpet Cleaning offers reliable, efficient and affordable cleaning services for your ducts, carpets, furniture and more. You are one call away from professional and reliable cleaning and sanitizing of your air ducts. Ask for a free quote and get more information about all of Precise Carpet Cleaning’s quality services at (636) 939-1008 or (314) 432-1008.

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