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If your home or business is located in St. Peters, Missouri, you planted roots in a great place. The City of St. Peters is affordable, safe, and was even voted twice to Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live in America. In 1970, St. Peters was home to only 486 residents. Today, over 60,000 call St. Peters home. Population growth of another 10-15% is expected over the next decade, along with current and future commercial projects underway that will add over $60 million to the city’s economy. That is a lot of construction- and a lot of dust and debris.

The whirlwind of new home construction and commercial building in the St. Peters area can wreak havoc on air quality. Your HVAC system will work hard to keep those particles out of your home or business, but dust and debris will invariably come to rest in your air duct system. Precise Carpet Cleaning offers expert air duct cleaning resources for your home.

Now it is time to consider air duct cleaning for these situations:

Residential HVAC Duct Cleaning in St Peters

Cleaning air ducts in a newly built home.

Moving into a brand new home is exciting. Your builder did a great job making sure it sparkled when you opened the door. There might be a chance, though, that dust and debris from construction and its cleanup got sucked into the air ducts and is recirculating when your HVAC system turns on. Particles from sawing and sanding are fine and easily missed until they build up. Think about scheduling Precise Carpet Cleaning to clean your air ducts before you move into your new St. Peters construction. Our skilled technicians will have great access to all of your vents, and it is easier to clean vents when no one is home. Once our certified crew is finished, you can be assured your new home is clean from the inside out.

Best Air Duct Cleaning in Saint Peters Missouri

Cleaning air ducts to lower your utility bills.

Weather in St. Peters can range from freezing to sweltering, and our heating and cooling bills reflect that extra usage. There are ways to get rising home energy costs under control. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that a family can cut their energy bill 20% with proper equipment maintenance.  Cleaning your air ducts can save you money! As air recirculates in your home, contaminants build up in the ductwork, air filter and other system components. Your HVAC system has to work harder to get the air through, and that results in higher energy bills. Take that extra step to clean your air ducts so your HVAC system runs run more efficiently. It also extends the life of your HVAC system so it can work longer.

st peters air duct cleaning to remove pet dander

Cleaning your air ducts when you have pets.

Our fur babies are a part of the family. Whether you have a sly Sphynx cat with no hair or a Great Pyrenees dog who leaves fur everywhere, pet dander can be more than a cleaning problem. Over 15% of the U.S. population is allergic to pet dander. Even if you vacuum frequently, pet dander circulates through your air. Though no one in your family may be allergic, a regular visitor to your home might have a pet dander allergy. Cleaning your air ducts is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment for our families and friends.

Call us today to find out precisely why Precise Carpet Cleaning is the best.

Best Service & Results

Making the decision to clean your air ducts is the right one. Now it is time to decide which company to hire. Precise Carpet Cleaning knows that residents want only the best St. Peters air duct cleaning service and results. Let us show you why we give DIY duct cleaning a thumbs down and why our customers give our amazing service two thumbs up.

Certified Professionals

Precise Carpet Cleaning has professional tools and professional know-how. Our certified technicians use more than a household vacuum to clean your ducts. We remove the grime, dust and allergens form your home’s air ducts with high-grade equipment and environmentally friendly products. We can reach places homeowners can’t, so you know our clean is a thorough clean.

Save Money and Time

St. Peters homeowners can save money and time with Precise Carpet Cleaning’s air duct cleaning service. Clean air ducts promote easy air flow throughout your home. Your family will breathe easier, your energy costs will decrease, and you won’t be spending your time trying to fit the vacuum hose down the vent.

The Best Carpet Air Duct Company in St. Louis is Precise Carpet Cleaning.

We know most people don’t give their air ducts a second thought. Precise Carpet Cleaning is here to remind St. Peters residents that clean air ducts are important to your family’s health and bottom line. Call us right away for a free quote at 636-939-1008. Precise Carpet Cleaning gets St. Peters air ducts clean, and your flooring, too.

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