How to Keep Carpets Clean

As soon as the Precise Carpet Cleaning team drives away from your home, you’ll smile at the beauty of your freshly cleaned floors.

You may also wonder if it is possible to keep them looking that way.

With these clever tips from the professional carpet cleaners near you, your carpets will be looking and smelling their best long after Precise Carpet Cleaning rides off into the sunset.


Tip 1

Keep the dirt outside with doormats for every entrance. You and your family can quickly get into the habit of wiping shoes on the way inside. This especially becomes important during winter months when slush and snow make their appearance. Put one inside the door also, so you can leave your wet shoes at the door instead of tracking in the mess.

Tip 2

Buy a quality vacuum and use it twice weekly. Your home is an investment, and your floors are an important part of that. Spend a bit more on a good vacuum. Look for good suction and adjustable height control. Vacuuming regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep dirt and grime away. Vacuum in all different directions with around eight passes over each spot for maximum debris removal. If twice weekly vacuuming does not fit into your busy schedule, consider a robot vacuum to share the load.

Tip 3

Periodically rearrange your furniture. Your furniture will leave indentations in your carpet if left in the same place for very long. Moving your furniture around will cut down on weight marks and the damage they may cause to your carpet. Rearranging furniture can also give a welcome break to the traffic patterns in your carpet, promoting more even wear.

Tip 4

Clean accidental spills quickly. There is a sense of urgency to cleaning up a spill, as it is easier to remove from carpet before it dries. Blot the area with a dry towel. Rubbing it back and forth will push the spill further into the carpet fibers. Use a carpet stain remover by following the directions on the container. Blot with a dry towel again. You can also use many household staples –from vinegar to baking soda- to clean different types of stains.

Tip 5

Add stain protection. Applying a carpet protector helps prevent hard-to-remove spots and soiling. It also keeps high-traffic areas from wearing down in-between cleanings, extending the life of your carpet. Don’t worry about harsh chemicals, Precise Carpet Cleaning offers a green certified protector, too.

Tip 6

Let the professionals at Precise deep clean your carpets regularly. We are experts at getting the dirt out of your carpet or any type of floor. Professional carpet cleaning breathes new life into even the dingiest carpets. Don’t think a rental machine from the grocery store can compare to the commercial-grade equipment and years of experience that come with every service from Precise Carpet Cleaning.

Keeping them clean is one thing...

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