How Do I Know When My Carpet and Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning St. LouisThis is a very good question. How do I know when things may need to be professionally cleaned in my home? There are somethings in your home that are much easier and better to be cleaned professionally. One of these is your carpet and another is your air duct system. If you live in the St. Louis or the St. Charles areas we can help. We provide both of these services.

You can attempt to clean your carpet yourself. But the results are much better and healthier when they are done properly by a company that is focusing on quality and cleaning for health reasons. This is normally done by a professional company that uses truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. The reason for this is the high temperature water generated from these machines will help remove allergens much better.  And the extra vacuum power they have will be sufficient to remove all the water used along with any allergens that were in the carpet. Precise carpet cleaning does just that. We have been focused on cleaning for health for over 25 years. And provide the healthiest clean we possible can when cleaning your carpets.

The Best Way to See How Dirty Your Carpet is

There’s a couple ways to test your carpet to see how dirty it is. One is to just look at it, it can be pretty obvious at times. If you’re not quite sure another way is to move a piece of furniture that’s close to a traffic area. The carpet under where the furniture was should be in very good condition. The contrast between the traffic area and the very good carpet from under the furniture should give you an idea of how dirty or worn your carpet is getting. The third way to tell is to use a towel with warm water on it, a yellow microfiber towel works best but any will do. Go to a dirty area in the center of the room and lightly rub the towel on the carpet. Then look at the bottom of the towel to see how much dirt transferred into the towel. If you see quite a bit of soiling coming out, it is most likely time to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

One thing you can do to help keep your carpets clean is to vacuum two times per week. Do this with a good vacuum and go over each area two separate times at a speed of 1 ft. per second. Some areas will need to cleaned more often than others as well. Protective coating will help especially in your traffic areas that are used more often. Protector will help keep those areas clean longer in between cleanings and will help keep the damage to a minimum. Your carpet should last longer if it is properly cleaned before it gets too dirty and a protective coating is used each time it is cleaned.

Your Air Duct System May Need to be Cleaned

Air duct cleaningAnother item in your home that may need to be professionally cleaned is your air duct system. This is much harder to try to attempt to clean on your own than carpet. A large gasoline powered air compressor and a very large negative air machine is needed to properly clean your entire air duct system. For this to be done properly an air duct cleaning company will need to be involved. The only recommended and effective way there is to clean your air duct system as a process called negative air cleaning with the push/pull system. That is the process we provide at precise carpet cleaning for cleaning your air duct system. Negative air cleaning allows us to completely clean the entire system including all the main lines and the return air system.

The Best Way to See if Your Air Duct System is Dirty

The best way you can tell if you may need your air ducts cleaned is to remove a register or return air vent and put your camera inside the ventilation system and take a picture. This works surprisingly well and will give you a good idea of how dirty this system has. Your register vents should not be too dirty. Most of the debris and dust will accumulate and your return air system and your main line. So if you’re able to remove event from either of those areas and get a picture and she’ll give you a good indication of how dirty your system is. If it seems logical to clean most areas of your home from time to time. Then you may want to consider having your air duct system professionally cleaned every 3 to 10 years. We can see exactly what comes out during the cleaning process and will give you a good idea of how dirty the system was and what you may need to do in the future to keep it clean.

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