All Carpet Cleaning Companies Are Not The Same

With all the options out there it can be hard to choose the correct carpet cleaning company. Some are less expensive and some are a little more. Choosing a company on price only can cause problems if the company you choose does bad work. This article is here to help give you some help when deciding who to use. In our experience most companies that advertise a low price are not giving you much in return.

Why Can Some Companies Clean Carpet Cheaper?

The easiest part of carpet cleaning is to make the carpet look clean right after we finish cleaning. The harder part of this is to get it completely clean and to keep it that way. There is a big difference in making the carpet look clean at the top and really getting it completely clean all the way to the backing. Cheap carpet cleaning companies will either use a dry method of cleaning that will only clean the very top of the carpet. This leads to the carpet looking dirty again right away. The other type of company that offers cheaper carpet cleaning will send inexperienced techs with the smallest equipment they can get away with. These companies will have a few cleaning products for every carpet they clean and will not use much science in their cleaning process. Some companies even advertise they use only water to clean with. Which is not recommended. Cleaning and rinsing products clean much better will always make the carpet look much better.

Reasons Why Our Process is Better

When we clean your carpet we use a wide variety of certified cleaning products to clean with and a high quality rinsing agent. Our equipment is the best and largest available and we are focused on cleaning for health reason and to completely clean the carpet as well as it can be cleaned. Our technicians are experienced and IICRC certified. This means they really know how to clean all types of carpet. They also understand the science behind proper carpet cleaning. This allows us to clean to clean your carpet completely and will also remove as much allergies as possible.

We follow all guidelines for proper carpet cleaning and are approved and certified to clean all warranted carpet. There are certification requirements for cleaning warranted carpet so we do not void you carpet warranty. We are fully certified with IICRC and we are an Approved Service Provider for the Carpet and Rug Institute. These are the certification required from most carpet manufacturers. If a company is not certified like this they are most likely cutting very important corners to keep their cost down. Which can cause problems with you carpet being properly cleaned.

When you use Precise Carpet Cleaning you can be assured we will clean your carpet in the best way possible and we completely guarantee all our work.

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IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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