Should I Buy a Shag Area Rug?

Over the last few years we are seeing more and more shag area rugs. This presents us with a dilemma since we know how much some of our customers really like the look of the shag type rug. We can help with all of you area rug cleaning needs including shag rugs.

Problems With Shag Area Rugs

The problem is when it comes time to clean that rug. Shag rugs can be very challenging to clean especially if there is pet urine issues in the rug. If there is pet urine in a shag rug the cost can get pretty high to properly remove it. The more fibers there are, the more pet odor removal product is needed to remove the smells. Vacuuming is also a huge challenge since most vacuums can not get proper suction on a shag rug. Not to mention the damage a beater bar can do to it. We often see shag rugs come in that have never really been properly vacuumed. The amount of dust and allergens a shag rug can collect over time is much more than a regular rug so the first 6 to 24 months the rug may respond well but as it fills with dust and debris you will start to see problems.

Costs Associated With Cleaning Shag Rugs

Since some shag rugs can be difficult to properly clean the cost is more to the clean than if it was a regular height synthetic rug. The cost can sometimes be as high as we charge to clean a full oriental rug. In most cases we can still clean these types of rugs but the higher the shag the more difficult the cleaning. Please let us know if you have a shag area rug when contacting us so we can give accurate pricing.

Proper Maintenance for Shag Area Rugs

The best thing you can do for you shag rug is try to vacuum it often. A few times a week if possible. Turn you beater bar off if you can, if you can’t be careful as you vacuum to make sure you are not damaging the shag. Vacuum from different directions when possible and spot clean it as needed. 50% white vinegar and 50% water is a good solution for spot cleaning all rugs, even wool. This solution can be used for pet urine treatment too.

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