Why Is My House So Dusty!

Reasons my house might be dusty Its winter right now and that can present a few extra problems with dust in your home or business. One reason for that is the dry air, it will make your skin drier than usual and that will cause more dust being produced in your home. A few other things that could be causing problems with dust is the type of vacuum you use and the cleanliness of your air duct system. We can help with all of this, by properly cleaning your carpet and air duct system we can help to remove a good portion of dust in your home.

Why Using a Bad Vacuum Can Cause My Air To Be Dusty

There is a lot of vacuums to choose from. Some are good and some are not so good. Right now we are talking about the filtration of the vacuum and not the actual performance of the vacuum. Some cheaper vacuums may do a descent job at cleaning the carpet but they can be putting dust particles into the air while running them. A micro filtered bag and a hepa filter will help prevent this. If you vacuum doesn’t have a hepa filter you may be releasing the smallest dust particles back into the air during vacuuming. With a high quality vacuum you will be cleaning the air too as you vacuum your floors.

Always be sure that you vacuum is in good working condition. A central vacuum system where the motor is mounted in a garage is also a very good option, then all the dust is removed completely out of the indoor environment. We can help remove dust from your carpet by thoroughly cleaning it. This will remove all the dust from the carpet.

Why Are My Air Ducts So Dusty?

This is a bigger problem to address than the vacuum. Dust in your air duct system will take a long time to build up. When there is fine dust in your home it will find its way into the air duct system causing your filters to fill up quicker and causing your home to be dustier. The first place to start will be the vacuum but after you have addresses using a good vacuum the next step would be to have your air duct system cleaned. This will remove years of dust that has build up in your ventilation system. After having your vents cleaned and going through your vacuum to make sure it is working correctly you should have a much lower dust count in your home.

Other Things That Can Effect Dust Levels In Your Home

A few other things that effect dust levels are pets, children, and your dryer. If you have children and pets running through your home, you will have more dust. Body dander will flake off our skin as we walk or run. So if you have children and pets running through your home you will see more dust. Another problem area could be your dryer, a lot of lint is built up using a clothes dryer. If you dryer vent is dirty or leaking air that dust will circulate back into the home instead of leaving the home through the dryer vent. We can help with cleaning your dryer vent if needed.

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