Air Duct Cleaning Process

picture of vent cleaningYour air duct system can be a hidden area for dust and allergens. The duct system can be a real challenge to get properly clean. That’s why Precise Carpet Cleaning provides Air Duct Cleaning for the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas. Our process is by far the best way we have to clean your ventilation system. Air duct cleaning, when done correctly will remove hidden dust and allergens from your ventilation system. There are a few different ways to clean your household vents.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

Our system is the most thorough system available for cleaning your vents. Its called negative air cleaning with a push/pull system. This
means we connect a large HEPA filtered duct cleaning vacuum. This machine is about the size of your furnace.
When this machine is turned on it is sucking dirty air to it. We then clean each vent using brushes and compressed air to get all the dust and allergens to the duct cleaning vacuum. We clean all the supply, return, and main lines using this system. This allows us to completely clean your entire system. The only way to properly clean a ventilation system is to have a large negative air machine hooked up next to the furnace and push all the debris from each vent to that machine. Anything short of this process is not going to remove nearly as much as we can.

Why Our System is Better than other systems

Other systems use a small vacuum system about the size of a small shop vac. The vacuum power is about 5% to 10% of what our system has. These systems have a attached hose with a brush attached to the end. The brush is inserted into your vent and stirs up the dust, just behind the brush is the vacuum opening and the theory is that that small opening will remove dust and debris. The vacuum opening is not big enough and there is not enough power to properly clean air ducts. These systems can clean the supply lines somewhat but mostly push the dust and debris away from the vacuum opening. Some companies will call there less effective system negative air cleaning but it is not. We have cleaned homes that have had this process done and we remove just as much as if it was not ever cleaned. There is too many areas that this process can not get to.

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