Wood Floor Cleaning in St. Louis MO.

Wood floor cleaning pictureDoes your hard wood floor look dull? Is it harder to get clean than it was when it was new? This is very common. Wood floor cleaning can be a challenge. That is why Precise Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis MO. provides hard wood floor cleaning and refinishing in the St. Charles and St. Louis metro areas. When your floor is needing some extra attention with cleaning or if it needs a new coat of urethane we can help.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process

We thoroughly clean your wood floor using the best and most advanced wood floor cleaning system available. This will get all the deep dirt out of your floor leaving your floor clean and ready to be refinished. If your finish is still working good you can opt for having us clean the floor only. But if your floor is a little older and the look has dulled then we can apply a urethane finish to the floor to help improve the look and help protect the floor from future use. Urethane will help to protect the floor and will make it much easier to clean. It also replaces the gloss on the floor making it shine again.

Our process is much easier and less expensive than sanding your floor and re staining it. We are not able to fix all the scratches or any areas that have dull stain but we can get the floor completely clean and refinish it making it look much better than it currently does. A new coat of finish makes the floor look great and the floor will be much easier to clean.

Why Do I Need to Have My Wood Floor Cleaned?

Cleaning your hard wood floor can be difficult. It may look clean but if you take a damp microfiber towel and rub on the floor most likely you will be surprised what comes off the floor. Normal DIY systems like Bona are ok at lightly cleaning your hard wood but over time it will get some grime built up that normal cleaning will not completely remove. Then over time that grime and dirt will build up and the floor will not shine the same. A floor that is 5 to 10 years old can have quite a bit of dirt build up. All this build up can be removed with our wood floor cleaning system. After cleaning the dirt out the floor will look much better but if we replace a coat of urethane after cleaning it will look even better and make your current DIY cleaning system much more effective, at least for a while.

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