All About Pet Urine in Carpet

picture of pet odor in rugSince many of our customers have pets with pet odor removal issues we wanted to explain a little about what may be going on under the surface. Most carpets are made of plastic so they do not absorb much moisture. When an animal urinates in carpet most of the urine will settle in the backing of the carpet or in the pad under the carpet. Some times it will even make it to the hard surface that is under the pad. How far the urine goes will dictate how we remove it during the cleaning process. We do offer pet odor removal services to help with this.

How we Remove Pet Urine

If the animal is small and you are able to get to the spot quickly it may be easier for us to completely remove when we clean for you. In these cases we are able to lightly treat the carpet prior to cleaning which allows us to rinse the urine out during the cleaning process. These situations will be less expensive to resolve. When the animal is larger or you are not able to get to the spot right away then we will have a more difficult time removing the urine. In these cases we normally have to treat the backing and the pad to completely remove the urine. Even in these cases we are normally able to remove the urine completely.

How to Remove Pet Urine Yourself When it Happens

If you find a fresh urine spot in your carpet or area rugs it is important to get on it quickly. The best way to remove it yourself is to use a white cotton towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Medium sized hand towels work well for this. Fold it up and set over the wet area, then stand on it. This will transfer up most of the urine while it is still wet. Keep rotating the towel to use dry areas to absorb and use as many towels as possible. Use as many towels as needed.

Once the moisture is up as much as possible use a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar (always test this solution on a small inconspicuous area first to make sure there isn’t any problem) Soak a white cotton towel with this solution and apply this to the spot. Don’t rub too hard. Carpet can be damaged by rubbing too hard. Soak this solution into the pet urine area. Then use another white cotton towel this time with water only. Rinse the spotted area with the wet towel to rinse out the vinegar. Then use another dry white cotton towel and set over the area and stand on it again. This will help to dry the area. You may still have some urine under the carpet but most of the urine will be removed. We can remove the urine that is under the carpet when we get there. If you have a wool carpet or rug you may want to contact us as soon as possible.

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