Which Vacuum Should I Choose?

Vacuums make a big difference in how clean your floors and air get in your home. If you are using a poor quality vacuum you may be leaving a lot of dirt and dust in your carpet and in the air after vacuuming. In earlier posts we have been talking about HEPA filtered vacuums. In this post we wanted to talk about two of the best vacuums we have found and use regularly. Vacuuming with a great vacuum is best thing you can do for your carpets next to getting them professionally cleaned.

Benefits of Using a Quality Vacuum

When shopping for a vacuum, find one that is high quality, as it will last a long time and is equipped with a HEPA filter. A professional-quality vacuum uses a high quality bag to capture most of the dirt and debris and is backed up by a HEPA filter to capture the small particles that get through the bag, preventing dust kickback into the air.

If you use a poor quality vacuum, the small dust will go through the bag and end up in the air after vacuuming. Then the same dust particles will eventually land back on the floor you just cleaned. In some cases, small dust particles can stay airborne for up to two weeks. None of this is good for your health or indoor environment.

To prevent dust kickback and throroughly clean your carpets, we recommend the Proteam upright and the Proteam HEPA backpack system.

Upright Vacuums: Convenient & Easy To Use

Upright vacuums are the kind you are most likely used to using. These are more convenient for the average home owner and work very well in most cases. The Proteam upright vacuum has a switch to turn the beater bar on and off. This is a great feature allowing you to vacuum your hard floors too. For most people this will be the best vacuum for your home. It has attachments for dusting and getting the carpet next to the baseboard which helps remove filtration soil. You will notice how well this vacuum cleans the first time you use it. A vacuum like this should last 10 years or more if properly maintained. We have seen them last longer. Approx value for a new one is about $350.

Backpack Vacuums: Better Airflow & Stair Cleaning

The absolute best vacuum we have found is the Proteam HEPA filtered backpack vacuum. These have 50% more airflow than their upright vacuums. The design of the backpack allows for a lot more air flow which helps with dusting and cleaning floors. The unit comes with a floor wand but also has a option for a beater bar attachment which is helpful when vacuuming cut pile residential carpet. These vacuums are great for dusting too.

The downside of the backpack is that you have to wear it on your back, but it is easier to manage than it looks. It makes vacuuming stairs much easier than any upright, along with cleaning the carpet and upholstery in your vehicles. A combination of the backpack and an upright will cover all of your cleaning needs. If you are looking to just get one the upright may be a better option. Approx value for a new one is about $350.

At Precise Carpet, we use these products everyday and have for many years. We feel they are superior to any others we have found and can highly recommend this brand and these two models of vacuums.

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