Leave Your Shoes at the Door!

Wearing your shoes inside your home can bring in bacteria and many other things. It is a very good idea to use separate shoes for outdoors and indoors. Even walking around your property you can track in fertilizer, weed, control, and insecticides. All these things and more can be brought into your home by wearing your outdoor shoes inside your home. Vacuuming can only help a little with these items. A thorough carpet cleaning is normally needed to remove most of these items from your carpet and area rugs.

Bacteria can be on our Shoes

Think about everything we see on sidewalks and roads. Bird waste, gum, oils, and much more. How about all the times people pour out their drinks in the parking lot next to their car. Adding products like coffee, fruit drinks, and other items that will collect bacteria. All of these items are on the bottom of shoes. The best way to prevent this is to wear separate shoes outside and change to your indoor shoes as soon as you get home.

Walk Off Mats Can Help

Walk off mats will help some but not enough to count on them to remove all these items before entering your home. A rug or mat at the door can end up being much dirtier than you think. These should be cleaned often either by running through your washer or having us come out and clean your rugs and mats. These are used to wipe our shoes when walking in and will collect a good amount of bacteria and other items we mentioned earlier.

A Shoe Basket Can Help

Keeping this up with your immediate family may be pretty easy. The real challenge will be with family and friends when they come over. Keeping a basket by door can help with people remembering to change their shoes and giving you a place to store your indoor shoes until needed. This can also help with guest when they come by and see a basket of shoes by the door. They may take their shoes off without being asked. This normally works with children.

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