How to Pick a Great Service Company

Its time to clean your carpets. How do you choose a carpet cleaner? These days it can be hard to find a good service to come into your home. This may not be as important if you have a empty home and need some work done. But for most of us that is not the case. Most of us have everything we own and care about in our homes. Which makes the decision about who comes into your home much more important.

I have found that even some of the best companies have a few bad employees. So even if you pick the best company you are still taking a chance to some degree. But if you put in a little time and do some research, that you will have a better chance of being very happy with your experience. Instead of regretting it. This should apply to most service type businesses not just carpet cleaning.

Check With the BBB

Anytime I have someone come into my home or office I look to see how long they have been in business. You can normally check with the BBB for this. At the same time you can see if they are an accredited business and their BBB rating. Being an accredited with the BBB means you pay a monthly fee to help the BBB provide their services. That is good but look at their reviews, complaints, and how long they have been in business too, those are better signs of how they do business. Online reviews sometimes can make a new business look like they have been around for awhile so look at the dates to see how far back their reviews go. It takes years to build up quality employees that really know what their doing. The time a business has been around it important if they have a good reputation.

Google and Yelp Reviews Can Tell You Alot

Searching google reviews and yelp are two good ways to see online reviews. I would expect most companies to have 5 to 10 great reviews at least. If you see a bad one mixed in here and there that is a true indicator. Look at the responses from the business, especially on the bad ones. Most likely the tone the company has while responding to a bad review is the tone you will here if you do business with them and there is a problem.

Once I feel comfortable with a potential company I will go to facebook. This can tell you a lot. There may an option for reviews available and if so be sure to take time and read through.

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