How To Maintain Your Carpet

Carpet is great to have in your house for a variety of reasons. But because it is a fabric and not a hard surface, maintaining it can be a challenge. Precise does provide professional carpet cleaning in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas and can help with your carpet cleaning needs. Each carpet is different and may have different warranties and cleaning recommendations from the manufacturer. Be sure to read your carpet warranty so you know if the manufacturer requires anything specific. Most will recommend regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning every year to two. Most warranties state that the cleaning company must be certified with the IICRC and an Approved Service Provider for the Carpet and Rug Institute. Be sure to check you carpet warranty for this if you have one.

How To Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuuming is an important part of maintaining your carpet. The carpet and rug institute recommends to vacuum each area two times at a rate of 1 foot per second. They also recommend using a carpet and rug institute certified vacuum. There can be a big difference in quality between vacuums. Investing in a good vacuum is highly recommended. We like ones with hepa filters so all the dust is captured in the vacuum and not release back into the air. Be sure to overlap while vacuuming and try to do it 2 to 3 times a week. It is needed most in high traffic areas and around you bed and sofa areas. You can also try vacuuming from different directions in any area that are giving you problems this may help remove additional soil.

Another tool that can help is a carpet rake. These can be used before vacuuming to help loose soil. We recommend using a soft rake since hard rakes can damage the carpet if used improperly. Be sure to use it softly at first until you get used to using it.

How To Clean Your Carpet

Properly cleaning your carpet is very easy. You just need to have a IICRC certified carpet cleaning company come out and take care of it for your. When Precise cleans your carpet we use a large machine mounted in our van called a tuck-mounted steam cleaning system. This generates very high temperature water and plenty of extraction power to dry the carpet. We will use certified cleaning products for you carpet so we do not void your warranty and to ensure proper cleaning. Then we use a certified rinsing agent to thoroughly rinse the carpet. After cleaning the carpet normally dries in about 2 to 6 hours.

If you clean your carpet yourself be sure to use a rinsing agent after your done cleaning. If you just use a cleaning product and do not rinse it out after, the carpet will get dirty quickly and it will be harder to maintain in the future. This can be resolved through proper cleaning and rinsing but it can be difficult.

Contact us for more information on maintaining your carpet.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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