Benefits Of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining your commercial carpet can be a challenge. Vacuuming is easy enough but can only do so much. When vacuuming isn’t getting the job done you may need professional carpet cleaning.

On your own, commercial carpet cleaning can be difficult as there is a lot of space to cover and you may not have the right tools available. Having the help of a professional carpet cleaning company can be beneficial. Precise Carpet Cleaning offers commercial carpet cleaning for the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas

Reasons Why You Need To Have Your Commercial Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning your commercial carpet will not only make your business look better it can help improve air quality your indoor . Carpet acts as a filter for the air and will hold onto dust and allergens until properly cleaned out. Even if the carpet doesn’t look that dirty, it may be holding quite a bit of unseen dirt and allergens.

Commercial carpet is also designed to hold on to a large amount of soil without being noticed so visitors and employees aren’t put off. This can make cleaning even more of a challenge, especially with all the greases and oils that get mixed in over time. This allows soil to get embedded into the carpet fiber where vacuuming isn’t as effective.

With a professional carpet cleaning most of the soil will be removed, helping the carpet last longer and making it look much better over time. Carpet that is not cleaned on a regular basis will look worn in high-traffic areas and will dull over time. The reason for this is most commercial carpet is a form of plastic and reflects light. If the carpet is dirty it will reflect less light and will look dull. Professional carpet cleaning will help to remove the dullness by removing all the oils and soils that are on and in the carpet fibers, allowing the carpet to look better and brighter.

Carpet Cleaning Methods for Commercial Carpets

There is a few different methods used for cleaning commercial carpet. Vacuuming is always important and should be done as much as possible and on a regular basis in-between cleanings.

For some businesses, a low moisture method may need to be done from time to time. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods can help the carpet look better and will dry quickly so the carpet can be used right away. Some of these methods include:

  • Encapsulation cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Rotating brush cleaning

These methods all use a small amount of moisture and will make the top of the carpet look cleaner.

For a more thorough cleaning, hot water extraction is needed. This process consists of pre-spraying the carpet and then thoroughly rinsing the carpet with a rinsing agent. This is the way carpet is designed to be cleaned and hot water extraction is the best process for cleaning all synthetic carpet and is our main and recommended cleaning process.

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