Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

When it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance in your home, air duct cleaning is something that is easy to overlook. Air ducts do not need to be cleaned often, but they will build up quite a bit of dust, dirt, and other debris over time. This is why Precise offers thorough air duct cleaning in the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas.

Cleaning your air duct system benefits both you and your home by removing dust and other items from your ventilation system, which can improve your indoor air quality. With better indoor air quality comes lower dust and allergy levels for a healthier home. 

Why Do Air Ducts Get Dirty?

Your air ventilation system is just about the only area in your home that you cannot get into and clean easily by yourself. Your vents have air flowing through them a good portion of the year, so dust will naturally end up accumulating. They also have dust and other debris falling in through the register vents in each room, which can be a large amount in areas like the entry of a home and rooms used by children. Not to mention toys and other items will accidentally fall into or get put down the vents and these can cause excess dust accumulation.

Similarly, when your home was being built, trim pieces and other debris from the construction may have ended up in the register vents as well. Over time, the air passing over these items cause a much larger amount of dust to accumulate.

Once foreign objects are cleaned out your air vents will normally stay cleaner in the future.

Health Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Yes, it’s true: Cleaning out your air vents can provide health benefits to your home, especially if you or any of your family members suffer from allergies or other respiratory illnesses like asthma. This is especially important if:

  • You notice mold inside your vents or on air system components.
  • You notice vermin like mice or insects living in your vents.
  • There is significant dust and debris build up.

To determine if your air ducts need cleaning, call a qualified professional. They will help you determine if your vents will benefit from a cleaning. They will also recommend how often your vents should be cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning being cleaned

How We Clean Your Air Ducts

The best way to clean your air duct system is to have a professional air duct cleaning company take care of it for you. At Precise Carpet Cleaning, we clean your ventilation system using a rotating brush and remove all of the dust and debris using a large vacuum system.

Our vacuum system is gas powered and mounted in our van, so everything will be removed out of the home completely. Most of the ventilation system can be cleaned this way. There are some areas and homes that will need to be cleaned using compressed air instead a rotating brush due to the size of the vents.

Most standard newer homes built after the 1970’s have ventilation systems that can easily be cleaned. Homes built before that tend to have more unusual vents and we may have to use a combination of different cleaning systems.

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