Washing Gets Your Fine Rugs Cleaner Than Ever

If properly maintained, fine rugs like woven wool, oriental, and Persian can last a lifetime. However, correctly caring for these rugs is harder than it looks.

Because of their construction combined with the ability of wool to hold and hide soil, these rugs can retain a large amount of soil without looking dirty. The reason for this is the soil is caught in the bottom of the rug, out of sight. Even normal vacuuming isn’t effective in removing it, and over time, the soil will build up and start to damage the wool.

This is why washing your fine rugs is so important to their health and longevity.

To help keep your precious woven wool rugs healthy and looking their best, Precise Carpet Cleaning offers oriental rug washing and area rug cleaning at our facility in St. Charles, MO.

Why You Should Wash Your Oriental Rug

If you only vacuum your fine rugs, you may think you’re getting them clean when in reality you’re only scratching the surface. Literally.

Washing fine rugs is the only way to get them completely clean. Anything short of this is only getting a portion of the soil out. Since the soil is embedded in thick wool and due to the nature of wool cleaning, only vacuuming will just remove a portion of the soil.

The only way to fully remove all the soil is to slowly work it out of the bottom of the rug until there is none left. This is done with a soft shampooing and a lot of water.

Cleaning Vs. Washing Your Fine Rugs

Oriental rug being washedArea rug cleaning is done with a hot water extraction machine. This is also how we clean wall to wall carpet, and it is very effective on synthetic carpet. We even use it to clean some synthetic area rugs.

Hot water extraction consists of spraying the proper cleaning product on the rug and then using a high pressure mist and a rinsing agent to thoroughly clean the carpet. A high-powered vacuum is running during the entire process to remove all of the dirty water.

But for fine rugs such as your Persian, oriental, or woven wool, the hot water extraction method is less efficient at removing the soil since it is embedded deep in the rug. Wool retains soil very well, so cleaning from the top will only remove a portion of that soil.

Washing a rug is much more effective than cleaning since we are able to see exactly how dirty it is and we can continue to wash the rug until it rinses clean.

Washing a rug is especially important if the rug has pet odor issues. The only way to get urine out of most rugs is to thoroughly wash it out.

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