All about Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning or hot water extraction is the best way to clean your residential and commercial carpet. It has been called steam but really it is really hot water in a mist. This will cause a steam effect at times. Carpet is an excellent filter and will hold on to allergies over time. The only way to remove those allergies and most soils is to use hot water extraction. 

How Carpet Steam Cleaning is Performed

Carpet steam cleaning can be done in a few different ways.

  1. If needed, a portable hot water extractor can be used. This system is limited but in the right hands with the right cleaning products it can be effective. Recommended when we can not reach the area to be cleaned with the hoses from our van. Limited by vacuum power, heat, and water flow, vs. a truck mounted steam cleaning system.
  2. Most commonly carpet steam cleaning is done with a truck mounted steam cleaning system. These are much more efficient and can normally remove allergies better. A truck mounted unit will normally dry the carpet sooner. We have also found them to be much better at pet odor removal.

If performed correctly hot steam cleaning can remove more allergies and clean better than any other process. Especially in residential carpet where allergy removal may be more important.

We use steam cleaning for:

How Other services are Performed without Steam

For wool and other synthetic rugs we will use a washing process to clean them. Steam cleaning is not the best way to clean a fine wool rug. Ceramic tile is cleaned in the same manner as carpet but with a lot more pressure. Upholstery is cleaned the same as carpet but with different tool, products and less pressure.

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IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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