Allergy help for your home.

This is some really good information related to getting allergy help for you home. This article is presented by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Other things you can do to help with indoor allegies.


Customers can help remove allergies by using a good vacuum with a micro or hepa filter. It is recommended to vacuum a couple times a week. Another recommendation is to vacuum at a rate of 1 ft. per second with two passes. This helps a lot compared to vacuuming incorrectly.

Using your Hvac system

Another thing you can do is use your air conditioner and furnace instead of opening your windows. This is another way to help keep the outside allergies where they belong. Furthermore be sure to use a good furnace filter and clean your house often for this to work best. This will help to keep your air clean by running more and filtering as it runs.

Use a good furnace filter

First of all, the type of filter you use makes a big difference. Some are designed to only remove large items and some are designed to remove very small allergies. The better the filter the more allergies they remove. Be sure to mark the filter and replace it as needed. The cheaper the filter the less allergy removal.

Have your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaning.

We can help with this. Precise offers professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. And we clean for help reasons. Our goal is to remove as much of the allergens out as possible. Contact us for more information on this.

Clean your air duct system.

Having your air ducts cleaned will help to remove allergens from your home. This is not something that you need to do that often but from every few year you can build up quite a bit of allergens in your ventilation system. We can help, Precise does offer air duct cleaning.

Contact us for more help with removing allergies from your home.



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