Why should I clean my carpets in summer?

Summer is a great time have your carpet cleaning performed. Summer carpet cleaning will help remove allergies from the spring allergy season.  Carpet and rugs are excellent filters. So they will hold on to allergies like dust mites and pollen until the carpet is professionally cleaned.

Cleaning is best performed with a truck mounted steam cleaning system. We mention the type of method here because if you are using a different method you are most likely not removing allergies from the carpet as well as you could be. High temp water and a lot of vacuum pressure is needed to remove allergens from you carpet. If you are cleaning wool rugs you want to use a lot of cold water to flush everything from them. But regular synthetic wall to wall carpet can handle high heat which is the best way to remove allergens.

Cleaning rugs

When we clean wool rugs we bring them to our facility so we can fully wash them. Since we can’t use hot water on wool we need to use much more water. The water is used to flush everything out of the rug to remove all the allergies. This can only be performing in a rug washing plant due to the amount of water needed and the length of the drying process. We have to control the humidity and use large fans to get the rugs dry quickly. We can come and get your rug and bring it back after it is washed or you can arrange to bring your rugs in to us to clean and then pick them back up when done.

If you have seasonal allergies consider having you carpet, rugs, and upholstery cleaned in summer to see if this gives you some relief during the rest of the year. Our process of cleaning is designed to help as much as possible with removing allergies from your home.

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