Water Damage Restoration in St. Louis MO.

Flooded homeWater coming into your home or business can cause a lot of damage if it isn’t mitigated quickly. Precise provides Water damage restoration so we can help with this if you experience any water infiltration to your home or business in the St. Louis or St. Charles Mo. area.

Water damage restoration is a process of removing any standing water and using large industrial dehumidifiers and air movers. These are used to dry the indoor environment and help dry the household or business possessions. Normally when a heavy rain or flood event happens in the St. Louis area most companies that provide water damage restoration in our area will be heavily booked up right away. So if you notice any issue related to water coming in your home or business it is important that contact us out right away.

What to do if you have water come in.

Contact us, we will help you through the whole drying process and we leave our drying equipment in your home or business until it is completely dry. We use moisture meters to check items in your home or business to see if it is wet and ensure it is dry after the process is complete. Most homes and businesses will dry in about 3 to 5 days but some hard to dry items could take longer. So with proper equipment and the knowledge to dry you home you can rest assured we will do everything possible to help dry your home quickly and in the safest manner possible.

Stop the water from coming in.

If you do experience this, the first thing to focus on is finding out how the water came in. Make sure you sump pump is working properly (and plugged in). Try to find the area where the water came in from.  Then do what you can to stop the water from coming in any more. It is much easier to prevent more water from coming in than to remove it once it has entered. If possible try to remove any items from the wet area to a dry area.

Be careful with wood items and with metal items because they can damage your carpet if they get wet. Wood items can transfer the wood stain to the carpet and metal items can start to rust quickly leaving a rust spot in the carpet. Contact us right away for help with your water damage situation.

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