Why should I clean my carpet in the Spring?

Carpet Cleaning SpringSpring is a excellent time have professional carpet cleaning performed. Winter can be hard on carpet since we are indoors more and drag in salt and other deicing chemicals. Professional carpet cleaning can remove allergens from the carpet which will help with your indoor air quality. Most carpets need to be cleaned every year.

Spring cleaning

Spring is typically the time of year most people do a thorough cleaning of there whole house, this is a great time to have your carpets cleaned since it will be easy to remember. We recommend picking a time of year to clean all your carpet in the your house every year and then cleaning high traffic areas as needed throughout the year.

Certain carpet in low traffic areas like bedrooms and basements do not look as soiled as high traffic areas and can get forgot about at times. This is why setting an annual cleaning to clean all your carpet is a good idea. The carpet in your bedrooms may not be as soiled as the main areas but will hold a lot of allergens and is important to clean often even if it doesn’t look soiled. Allergens like dust mites accumulate in areas we spend time in. The bedroom is one of those areas. Cleaning around the bed will help remove these allergens and can help with your indoor air quality quite a bit.

Cleaning on a regular basis

In areas with high traffic it is easy to see how dirty the carpet is but in areas without soil there is normally just as many allergens as there is in the dirty areas, you just can see them. This is why setting a time to clean your whole house is important, if you don’t you can easily get into a habit of just cleaning the carpet when its visibly dirty. This can cause the carpet to have some wear patterns and some discolored areas after cleaning.

The way to keep your carpet looking great for the longest amount time is to clean it before it looks dirty and to properly protect the carpet with scotchgard or other quality protector. We have seen carpet last much longer when it is properly maintained. We have also seen good carpet look really bad in a few years due to lack of vacuuming and lack of professional carpet cleaning.

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