Spring carpet cleaning is almost here.

Because winter almost over most of us are starting to get ready for spring carpet cleaning St. Louis. Spring is a great time to get your carpets cleaned, during the winter we track salt and slush into our homes and the carpet can take a pretty good beating over a St. Louis winter. The good thing is we can help with this, we clean in a way that removes as much out of your carpet as possible. Winter can get pretty dusty around your house since the humidity is so low. Our carpet cleaning system is designed to remove as much dust and body dander out of the carpet as possible.

How Often should I clean my carpet?

Unlike upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning should be done more often. There are other benefits to cleaning your carpet other than making it look good again. The main benefit of cleaning your carpet it to remove unwanted allergens and soils from your carpet. Carpets act as excellent filters for our home. Because of this it is a good idea to schedule your carpet cleaning on a annual or semi annual basis. Some people tend to wait until they see their carpet is in need of cleaning. This could be too late for us to be able to keep your carpet looking great. If we can get your carpet cleaned before the carpet starts to get damaged, they will look much better after cleaning.

Carpet reflects lights so a slightly damages carpet fiber may not reflect as much light in your traffic areas. This all resolved by cleaning your carpet more often. Some people with children and or pets may even need to clean certain areas more often. Especially if you have any pet issues in the carpet. We are often asked how often can you clean your carpet without causing damage. The answer is – cleaning will not damage your carpet if it done properly. NOT cleaning your carpet is what will damage it.

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IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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