Winter is a great time to have air duct cleaning done.

Air Duct CleaningWith winter coming up this is a great time to have air duct cleaning done. Cleaning your air ventilation system helps remove dust from your indoor air environment. We use a vacuum system that is mounted in our van so as we clean the air duct system we are removing the dust out of the house completely.

Winter is a dusty time of year for most people in our area since the air is so dry. Air duct cleaning will help with this and having it done at this time of year can help you during a time you are having a higher level of dust in your home.

Systems we use to clean air ducts.

We have different cleaning systems so we can clean a wide variety of air duct systems. Most are cleaned using a large rotating brush and lots of air movement to remove the dust. Some are too small to get our brush system into and those vents are cleaning using compressed air. Small vents are mostly seen in older homes built before the mid 1960’s. These homes have much smaller duct systems making them even more important to clean since they can get clogged much easier.

Reasons to clean your air ducts.

The best way to look at duct cleaning is to think of dusting your home. We can clean your ducts while we are there performing carpet cleaning or other services we offer. Just as much dust will get into the ventilation system as the rest of the home but this area is much harder to clean for the average homeowner. One thing you can do that will help is to vacuum the inside of the vents on the floor and the return air vents on the wall. If you have a vacuum with a good filtration system and a vacuum hose that can be used, then take the register vent off and stick you hose down the vent as far as you can.

The first few feet inside the vent is much dustier then the rest of the vent. On the return air vent, you can remove the vent from the wall and clean it. While the vent is down you can vacuum behind where the vent was. Doing these two things will help remove a portion of the dust that builds up over time. And will make it so you can’t see it anymore.

Things you can do yourself.

Change or clean your furnace filter. This will help a lot with the dust levels in a home. It is a good idea to inspect your filter every month and either clean it or replace it every 3 months. I put a mailing label with the date on the side of my filters so I don’t forget. This is noticeable without removing the filter. Investing in a good filter is well worth the extra dollars. I do not use the cleanable ones since they don’t filter as well as the disposable one. Some people use the cleanable ones and love them, I have not seen any problems with them it is just my preference to use the better filtered disposable ones. I buy them in bulk, much cheaper that way.

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Air Duct Cleaning

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