Air Vent Cleaning St. Louis

Air Duct CleaningThe winter is a great time to have your air ducts cleaned in St. Louis. If you haven’t had your air duct system cleaned in the last few years you may benefit greatly. Air ducts can build up quite a bit of dust of the years.  We can help with this. When we perform air vent cleaning we use a large truck-mounted vacuum system. To clean the vents we run a electric rotating brush through the system to loosen the dust particles. Then we remove the dust through our vacuum hose completely out of the home. This will help your indoor air quality quite a bit, especially in the winter when most of us are indoors more than most other times of year.

It is a good idea to check you furnace filter often to be sure it is not too full. Most filters recommend replacing every three months, some just need to be cleaned off and put back in. Contact us if you would like help picking out the best filter for your needs. Most of the time we recommend a 3 month replacement filter but some of the washable ones do seem to work pretty well.

Tips on furnace filters

A tip to remember is the more efficient the filter is at removing small particles the more air flow will be restricted. So typically in the summer if your system runs a lot to keep your home or business cool you may want to get a filter that flows more air and captures less particles. As summer ends it is a good idea to switch back to a better filter to clean the air more. If anyone has allergies or asthma in the household you may need to invest in the best filter for your furnace. Even though they may cost more you may reduce medical cost by using the better filters.

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