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Carpet CleanersEven as experienced carpet cleaners it can be difficult to tell just how dirty a carpet really is at a glance. If you are wanting to get an idea of when to clean your carpet.

One way you can see just how dirty your carpet is would be to move a piece of furniture from its original spot. Then look at the carpet under where the furniture was. Most of the time you can see a distinct difference between the carpet under your furniture. It should be much dirtier in the carpet where you walk. Precise Carpet Cleaners in St. Charles Mo. can help if you need any cleaning done.

How often should I clean carpet?

Most carpet needs to be cleaned every year or two and some needs to be cleaned more often. It is always a good idea to get your carpet cleaned before it looks too dirty. Your carpet will have less wear damage if you clean it more often. Plus you will improve your indoor air quality. Along with looking nice.

Benefits of cleaning more often.

You do get other benefits from cleaning your carpet other than just the appearance of clean carpet. Your carpet does a great job holding onto dust and allergens. This is helpful for most people, but at some point the carpet does get pretty full of soil and allergens and then it needs to be properly cleaned. I mention properly cleaned for a reason, some carpet cleaners don’t clean for health reasons they clean for appearance only.

When we clean your carpet we are cleaning for both health and appearance reasons. We use a system specifically designed to remove the most allergens possible and also use very safe green cleaning products to be sure we don’t leave any residue or unsafe products in your carpet after cleaning. Contact us for more information.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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