Spring Carpet Cleaning

There is plenty of reasons to get your carpet cleaned. Spring carpet cleaning is very common for our area. Some customers wait for an event like a graduation or maybe Thanksgiving. And some people may wait till the carpet looks dirty or till there pet makes a mess. But it is best to clean on a regular basis. And just after spring pollen season is always a good time to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning does much more to remove allergens than you can with your vacuum or home carpet cleaning machine can. We use large truck mounted steam cleaning systems. Our vacuum exhausted from our van so all the allergies we remove is completely removed from your home or business.

Reasons to clean your carpet.

The best reason to clean your carpet is for health reasons. Carpet acts as a filter and holds on to allergens till they are properly cleaned out. I mention properly since some carpet cleaning processes are not designed to help with the allergies.  In the St. Charles and St. Louis Mo. area we have quite a bit of pollen. In the spring this can be worse and this year was no different.

Pollen in the carpet.

In fact this years pollen may have been worse than any other year we have seen. Pollen floats in the air and gets all over us and our pets while outside. Then we bring it in the home a little at a time as we come and go. By the time the spring pollen season is over we have tracked a good amount through our homes. A good portion of this will settle in the carpet. A good vacuuming on a regular basis will help. But not as much as having your carpets professionally cleaned by Precise Carpet Cleaning. We clean for health reasons meaning we use the most advance and powerful system available. Because of this we will remove as much allergens like pollen as is possible.

We also can use green cleaning and rinsing products to be sure we have done everything possible to help your indoor air environment as possible. We understand the main reasons to clean for most customers is to improve the look of the carpet and remove spots and stains that have been accumulating over time, but we want to point out that sometimes the carpet is actually much dirtier than it can appear and some customers wait a little too long before cleaning because of this.

How often should I clean my carpet?

The best way to keep you home as healthy as possible is to have your carpets cleaned before they get too dirty. This will keep your carpet in much better shape between cleanings and will extend the life of the carpet since soil in the carpet it the main reason it will become damages in your traffic areas. It is recommended to clean your carpet every 6 to 18 months and from what we see this is a good cycle to use. Some areas may need to be cleaned more often and some may not be used as much and can wait a little longer. But even rooms that are not used at all need to be cleaned from time to time to help remove the dust that will build up over time.

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