Ceramic Tile Cleaning St. Louis Mo.

Ceramic Tile Cleaners St. Louis Mo.Precise Carpet Cleaning provides  ceramic tile cleaning in the St. Charles and St. Louis Mo. area. Some tile may never need to be professionally cleaned. But most of the tile we do see needs to be cleaned on an annual basis. If a ceramic or porcelain tile floor is professionally cleaned every year it will most likely look like new for the life of the tile.

Sealing grout after cleaning.

When we clean ceramic tile and grout we also include sealing the grout. Because of this your grout will stay clean as long as possible. We often see tile and grout that has never had the grout sealed, this causes the grout to get dirty very quick and makes it much more difficult to clean.

After your Ceramic Tile is cleaned.

After you have us clean your tile it will be much easier to maintain yourself. Regular vacuuming and mopping will help to keep it clean between professional cleanings. Be sure to use a high quality neutral ceramic tile cleaning product when performing periodic cleaning. Also be sure to only use products that are recommended for tile and grout.

What not to do on Tile

We have seen some tile that has had improper sealers used. When this happens it makes it close to impossible to clean with our normal process. The tile doesn’t need any type of sealer or waxes. The only part of the floor that will benefit from a sealer is the grout and the only product that should be used to seal the grout is a high quality grout sealer, which we use.

Most ceramic tile that we clean will look perfect or at least close to perfect after cleaning. Contact us if you need any help with your tile floor cleaning.

Our recommendations for Ceramic Tile.

Most customers we see with lighter colored grout are wanting it to be darker. This is after they use the floor for a while. This tile floor we cleaned had a polymer coating applied before the current home owner bought the house so they were unaware of the problem, it was very difficult to clean and the coating had to be scraped off. But after we did get access to the actual tile it did clean up very well.

Our recommendation for customers with tile floors is to use a product similar to Bona Ceramic floor cleaner and to not use any sealers on the tile but use a grout sealer for the grout. To maintain your floor after having it professionally cleaned just vacuum it a couple times a week and use a microfiber pad to clean the floor with Bona or similar neutral cleaning product recommended for ceramic tile cleaning. Contact us for a free estimate on cleaning your tile floor.


IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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