Is it time to clean your carpet?

Carpet CleaningAt Precise Carpet Cleaning we have cleaning carpet for over 18 years. Serving the St. Louis Mo. area and have seen a lot of different carpet over the years. One thing that we see often is carpet that doesn’t look as dirty as it is. That is until we start to clean it. Then it is clear that the carpet was much dirtier than it looked.

The best time to see how dirty your carpet was is to watch us while we clean it. You will see a clear difference as we go across during the cleaning process. So it can even be hard for us to see just how dirty the carpet is. That is until we start the cleaning process or clean carpet. It is recommended to have your carpet cleaned every year or two. Sometimes even more in areas that are heavily used.

Another benefit of cleaning your carpet more often. Is the carpet will last much longer. And your indoor air quality will be much improved the more you clean your carpets. Carpet will act as a filter and helps to clean the air of dust particles. So till the carpet is cleaned using high temperature water and proper cleaning products it will hold on to many allergens.

Some benefits of cleaning your carpet.

Once cleaned the carpet should be free of allergens, dust particles, and soil. This will help to extend the life of the carpet since the number one reason a carpet gets worn out is the amount of abrasive soil that is in the carpet slowly damaging the carpet fibers especially in high traffic areas. keeping these areas free of soil will help these high traffic areas from getting as worn between cleanings.  When you have Precise clean your carpets they will be left as clean and allergy free as possible and we will help to advise you what can be done to help extend the life of your carpet. Proper vacuuming and applying a carpet protector to the carpet after its cleaned will help also.

How to tell just how dirty your carpet really is.

The following picture is to show a clean / dirty line in the carpet so you can see just how clean even a lightly soiled carpet can get when properly cleaned by us. This carpet didn’t look soiled at all before we started, but as you can see even with just a little soil in it we were able to get the color back to the original color.

This customer may have been able to wait longer to have their carpets cleaned but the traffic areas would not look as good as they did and their carpet may have gotten worn in some areas. Since the customer didn’t wait too long to clean, the carpet cleaned up great and they had no wear areas after cleaning. When we clean a very dirty carpet that went too long between cleanings the high traffic areas will clean up well but will show some wear areas due to the amount of soil being in the carpet too long.

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