Red Stain Removal from Carpet

Carpet CleaningWe often see red stains while carpet cleaning in the St. Louis area. Some of these can be difficult to remove. We always do everything possible to remove all stains but at times complete stain removal may not be possible.

Our stain removal process.

Our certified technicians are trained in many different methods of removing stains from your carpet. The stain may come out with our regular cleaning process but when they don’t come completely out we have a variety of stain removal products we can try depending on the type of stain it is. Sometimes we will have to use a combinations of products and add heat by using the steam of a hot iron.

This process is normally the last resort for actually removing the stain. If this process doesn’t work the only other option we have is to patch the carpet. This is done by cutting the area out that is stained and adding in a piece of carpet to fill the gap. In order for this to work we need to have access to a scrap pieces of carpet to match the stained area.

Patching carpet if needed.

Sometimes if a remnant isn’t available we may be able to cut a piece out of a closet or other area to patch in. The overall appearance of the finished job when patching depends on the wear that the carpet has and how close the patching piece matches the stained area. We can usually give a good idea of how it will look before performing this service.

The picture below is a carpet we cleaned in St. Louis that had an unknown red stain in it. We had to perform stain removal to get the stain completely out. At times even when the stain is removed there may be some texture damage to the carpet, but in this case it looked and felt perfect. We don’t want you to think this happens always but most of the time we can remove all or almost all of most stains. Almost always the spotted area will look much better though.

After stain removal the carpet must be thoroughly rinsed to remove all the products that were used in the removal process. Most of the products we use are green but when it comes to stain removal the carpet stain removal products are very limited and so far the green stain removal products are not as efficient at removing the hard stains. We do rinse with a green product after using the stain removal products though. You can contact us if you have any questions or would like more information in this area.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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