Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Precise carpet cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning services to the St. Louis metro area. We are often asked by our customers, how can the stairs be professionally cleaned.  We do provide carpet cleaning for stairs too. We clean them the same way as your wall to wall carpet but we use a tool that is designed to clean your stairs. Rest assured we can properly clean your stair carpet too. They normally need it more than the rest of the carpet.

We always figured that our customers knew we can clean stairs. Stairs are normally the most used carpet and needing cleaning the most. We do use a specific tool designed to clean stairs. But other than that the process is the same for cleaning any carpet.

In some cases it may take a little longer to dry since there isn’t as good of air flow moving over the stairs. Our carpet cleaners will get the entire carpeted area on the tread and riser. It is always a good idea to be extra careful while walking up and down after they have been cleaned until they are fully dry. It is ok to use them after cleaning just be careful and use light traffic only until they fully dry.

Carpet on stairs will wear out quicker.

Most homes we go into the staircase will show the most wear of all the carpet. This is due to the fact that you are limited to amount of area to walk on. Removing the soil from the carpet will help keep the wear to a minimum. Vacuuming on a regular basis will help along with having the carpet professionally steam cleaned when needed. The carpet on your landing will most likely need the same attention. It is common to see wear in the center of the stairs that will continue down the center of the hall and entry ways into the bedrooms. This is normally a very high traffic area and seems to get the most use of all the carpet in an average home.

Of course you living or family room will have high use areas also. But we see the most wear come from the stairs and hall. We can help with this, by having us clean your high traffic areas more often and using a carpet protector after cleaning the wear can be kept to a minimum. Carpet Protector helps to keep the soil from damaging the carpet as much and will aid in your ability to clean using a vacuum. Contact us if you would like help with any cleaning or if you have any questions.

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