Not all Carpet Cleaning Companies are the same

We wanted to help our St. Louis area customers with understanding the differences between carpet cleaning companies. To simplify this we can break it into 2 two different types of companies. One type is focused on offering a low price to get as much business as possible. The second type is focused on quality. Problems can arise from using a service that is focused on keeping the cost down. One is that you may end up with a very inexperienced technician performing the work. Another is they may use equipment that may not be maintained properly. Or is just not the correct equipment to use since the proper equipment can run tens of thousands of dollars. This can cause more problems than you can imagine.

Another problem is the carpet may stay wet for days. They may not know how to remove spots or stains. And the products used may leave a sticky residue behind which would cause the carpet to re-soil much quicker than if quality products were used. A carpet cleaning company that is trying to be the cheapest typically isn’t doing any research to see what is the safest way to clean and isn’t as concerned with your results as they are with their profits.

Focused on Quality.

The second type of company is focused on quality. We are in this category. This type of company is focused much more on your results. They would be concerned about doing the best cleaning possible. So  you would refer them to other people and want to use them again. Typically this is done by companies that have been doing it for more than just a few years. And is focused on the future of their business and the future relationships with their customers. A company focused on your needs will use superior equipment and cleaning products.

Some companies will go as far as getting fully certified. And having their technicians certified also. Another big difference is that they care about their employees. Most likely doing background checks and on going training. A technician that makes good money will be a happier employee. And will perform much better than one that is paid on what he can sell a customer. This can cause what is call bait and switch. Which is where a company offers a low price over the phone. Then when the carpet cleaner gets in the house they change the price.

What we focus on.

At Precise Carpet Cleaning we are fully focused on quality and our customers experience using us. We clean for health reasons by using the best and newest equipment available. And by using the best and safest green cleaning and rinsing products. We are fully certified with the Carpet and Rug Institute and our company and technicians are certified with the IICRC and The Clean Trust. We guarantee all of our work and have been doing so since 1995 in the St. Louis area. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to get information on our services.

A good way to check a company out is to check out their certifications, reviews online, and of course the BBB. It is amazing to me the amount of companies that have bad reviews and bad BBB complaints but are still doing a lot of business. This is because there is a lot of customers are looking for price and not doing enough research on companies coming into their homes. Remember when you have someone come out to clean your carpets you want to think about the quality of worker you get. If you pay the lowest price you can find you may get the lowest quality of workmanship.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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