Carpet Cleaning Picture

Carpet CleaningAt Precise Carpet Cleaning we always want to see your carpet look as close to new as possible when we are done cleaning it. Sometimes there is areas that will show some wear in high traffic areas. Not always will that area look perfect after cleaning. But sometimes it cleans up just like new. The carpet in this picture has been properly maintained. This was done by being vacuumed as needed and cleaned by Precise Carpet Cleaning on a regular basis. Because of this the carpet cleans up just like new.

Carpet Quality

Keep in mind that the better quality carpet you have the better it will respond to cleaning over time. The cheaper grades of carpet can show wear patterns. This can show up as soon as in the first few years. Where a high grade of carpet will respond very well to cleaning for many years to come.

Carpet Vacuuming recommendations

In order to keep the soil to a minimum between professional carpet cleanings it is important to use a high quality vacuum at least 2 times a week. In any high traffic areas it maybe needed to vacuum more often. When you have Precise Carpet Cleaning clean your carpets we will advise you on the condition of the carpet and make recommendations as to what you can do to maintain the carpet in the best manor possible.

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