Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Upholstery CleaningPrecise Carpet Cleaning also offers professional upholstery cleaning in the St. Louis area. We wanted to let our customers know. Maintaining your upholstery by proper cleaning will extend the life of the furniture. We are often surprised by our customers that aren’t aware of the fact that we can service there upholstery cleaning needs. We clean regular upholstery, dry clean upholstery, and leather.

Leather needs to be reconditioned to keep it in good shape. This will help keep the leather from cracking over time. This is bad especially since the winters in St. Louis are very dry. Therefore it can cause the leather to dry out even more.

If you want to test your fabric to see how dirty it is. Take a towel with a little warm water on a small area and gently rub a small area of the furniture. This will show you how much dirt comes off. When doing this you need to be sure that your upholstery is water cleanable. As a result of that you may notice quite a bid of soil coming off the fabric. This is an indication that your upholstery is in need of cleaning.

When you see that your sofa or chair needs to be cleaned. We can help, Precise Carpet Cleaning can clean your upholstery too. We are fully certified and experienced cleaning all types of upholstery.

Even upholstery that isn’t used will get dirty over time just from the dust that is in the air. Vacuuming on a weekly basis will help with this. Contact us if you would like any additional information. Remember we sit directly on our sofa’s and a freshly cleaned sofa is much more pleasant to use. Not to mention how nice it is to have all the odors removed off.


IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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