Carpet Cleaning Maryland Heights Mo.

We perform carpet cleaning in Maryland Heights Mo. often. While cleaning for one of our customers we came across this carpet and wanted to post a picture showing the difference. Most carpet doesn’t look like it is too dirty till we start cleaning.

This carpet looked somewhat clean until we started the cleaning process. Considering that this carpet was in a bedroom and normally the bedrooms don’t get as dirty as the living area we were all surprised to see the results.

First we pre-treat the carpet with a green cleaning product. Then we thoroughly rinse it using a green rinsing agent. That is when you see
the actual clean – dirty line in the carpet. We wanted to share this picture so customers can see how much of a difference the cleaning can make even when the carpet doesn’t look that dirty.

We strive to give all of out St. Louis Mo. customers this same result and do everything possible to provide the best service we can. Contact us for all your carpet cleaning needs.


IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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