Winter Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

This is a perfect time to clean your carpets in St. Louis. The snow should be close to being done for the season. And with all the salt and slush that was most likely brought in, it is an ideal time to consider cleaning it all up. Salt is very bad for you carpet and should be cleaned out as soon as possible.

In cold climates where they receive more snow than we do in St. Louis it is recommended to clean your carpet a few times over the winter. We do provide winter carpet cleaning.

In St. Louis it is always a good idea to clean it up at the end of winter or beginning of spring. Some customers want to wait till the rain stops after spring but this can cause the carpet to be damaged a little from the salt that was brought in after the winter months.

Something that can help with this is to use indoor shoes during the winter so anything you would normally bring in to the house is let at the front door. Walk off mats at all doors will help also, since most of the outdoors will be walked off on the mat instead of the carpet. We are here to help so contact us if you are in need  help with your carpet cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning in snow
Carpet Cleaning St. Louis Mo. in the snow.

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