Carpet Cleaning Fenton Mo.

While carpet cleaning in Fenton Mo. we ran across this carpet. We were told that it was only a few months old and wasn’t that dirty. When we started to clean we noticed a distinct difference. In talking to the customer it was brought to our attention that people had been smoking in the home.

If there is someone smoking in a home your carpet and upholstery will most likely become dirty much quicker. Smoke can also attach to the dust that builds up in your air ducts. This can cause them to need to be cleaned quicker as apposed to not smoking in
the house.

We can help with this though.  Under normal circumstances smoke comes out fairly easily. As long as it hasn’t been too long since you had your carpets cleaned. In cases where the carpet hasn’t been cleaned in more than a few years it is much harder to remove all the discoloration. In cases where smoking in done indoors it is a good idea to inform us before cleaning. Since we may have to do additional rinsing to be sure all the smoke residue is removed.

Removing nicotine from carpet.

In this picture you can see a discoloration that isn’t soil it is mostly from nicotine in the air becoming attached to the carpet fibers. This was spread evenly across the whole carpet and there was no difference between the carpet it the traffic areas and the edges of the room that is rarely walked across.

If you have smokers in your home a good way to see if the carpet is getting in need of  a cleaning is to move a piece of furniture that goes all the way down to the carpet and see if there is a difference in color. If you see a discoloration it would be a good idea to have the carpets cleaned before it gets to a point that is too bad to be resolved by cleaning.

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