Clean Carpet vs New Carpet

carpet cleaners st. louisAt Precise Carpet Cleaning St. Louis Mo. we would love to make every carpet we clean look brand new again. A lot of times this isn’t possible. Although we try to do everything we can to accomplish this. The truth is there is a difference between clean carpet vs new carpet.

Every carpet we service will be thoroughly cleaned but not every carpet will look brand new when we are done. It normally takes a few years after a carpet is installed to start to show some wear patterns. At least it will not look new anymore.
Some of the carpet we clean has not been cleaned quickly enough. So it will have some wear patterns in the traffic areas that may not look new when we are done. After we are done cleaning the carpet will always be clean. But clean and looking the way it did when it was new are two different things.

How Can I tell if my carpet needs to cleaned?

A good way to judge if your carpet needs to be cleaned is to look at your high traffic areas from different angles. Do this at different times of day to see if there is a shadow or any discoloration in the carpet. If so it is time to clean. If you let it go past this point you may have some wear areas after the carpet is cleaned. These areas will look as good as you would like.

Why does my carpet wear?

Carpet gets worn in traffic areas due to the soil in the carpet being walked over. When this happens the soil will start to damage the carpet fiber and cause it to look discolored and worn. The best way to prevent this is to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. When vacuuming use a high quality vacuum that is properly maintained.

How often should I clean my residential carpet?

For most residential carpet in high use area it should be cleaned every 6 months to 2 years. When Precise Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis maintains your carpet we will inform you as to the condition of your carpet. We will also recommend cleaning intervals that will keep your carpet in the best condition possible. Contact us if you would like more information in regard to properly maintaining your carpet and upholstery.

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