How Professional Carpet Cleaners Dry Your Carpets Quickly

carpet speed dryingWe would like to inform you that your carpet can be dried quickly after having them cleaned. First, the cleaning must be done correctly. Professional carpet cleaners will be able to dry your carpet quickly. The recommended way to clean a residential carpet is with a truck-mounted steam cleaning system. The reason for this is it is important to remove as much moisture as possible from the indoor environment.

So if you use a portable hot water extractor a lot of the moisture will be left in the home. Therefore a second the cleaning must be done correctly by the technicians performing the work for you. So if the technician doesn’t extract most of the water from the carpet during the rinsing process. Than the carpet will take much longer to dry. Next, it is important to use air movement to speed dry the carpet after it has been cleaned. This is a step a lot of carpet cleaners miss.

What Our Carpet Cleaners do

When Precise Carpet Cleaning cleans your carpet we ensure all these important steps are performed. The last step is performed using a large air mover that blows air directly down on the carpet and will help to dry the carpet in just a few hours.

Humidity and carpet cleaning dry time.

The humidity of the home does play a role in how quickly your carpet will dry. The help of a dehumidifier will greatly help with this. But the use of a truck-mounted unit does help as much as possible. This is because a lot of the humidity is removed out of the indoor environment.

This is an example of one of many different types of air movers.  This unit is by far the best one available to us to help with the drying of your carpet. Our carpet cleaners will use the right air mover for your situation to speed the drying time of your carpets. Contact us if you would like more info.

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