Air Duct Cleaning in St. Louis

Duct Cleaning in St. Louis Mo.
Air duct main line after cleaning.
Air Duct Cleaning St. Louis
Air duct main line before cleaning.

Precise Carpet Cleaning also provides air duct cleaning in St. Louis MO and the surrounding area. This is not a service that typically needs to be done as often as cleaning your carpet and upholstery. But depending on the circumstances it can help to improve your indoor air quality. Your air duct system can get fairly dusty especially in certain area. Any items in the vents will start to hold and accumulate dust.

Reasons to clean your air duct system.

Over the years a lot of dust will accumulate inside the vent system of your heating and cooling system and will recirculate though the home when your system is running. To help with this your air duct system can be professionally cleaned. Some air duct systems are dirtier than others and will need to be clean more often. Its also a good idea to have your ducts cleaned if you have had some construction done in your home or if you have allergy issues. Or if you think it is a logical area to clean out from time to time.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air Duct Cleaning
HEPA filtered

Our air duct cleaning process is the most recommended process available. Its called negative air cleaning with the push/pull system. This is a two part cleaning process and is the most thorough method of cleaning there is. The first part of our process is connecting a large Hepa filtered negative air machine to your duct system. This will pull air down to it during the cleaning process which helps to keep all the dust contained during cleaning. This machine will also collect all the dust and debris allowing us and you to see how much comes out during the cleaning.

The other part is pushing the debris from each vent toward our duct cleaning machine. This is done at each vent using either rotating brushes and/or a lot of compressed air. This cleans the vents and pushes the dust and debris

Air Duct Cleaning
Cleaning vents with compressed air.

toward the duct cleaning machine which is collecting it all. The whole system is closed up with magnet and plastic to ensure we are using more than enough air flow to get it all properly cleaned. We do the return air side the same way.

One thing that helps your indoor air quality is to use a good quality filter and change or clean it on a regular basis. This is a picture of a typical air duct system that was in need of being cleaned. The picture is of a main line which is the large vent that runs the width of the home. This area seam to collect the bulk of the debris.

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