Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis Mo.

At Precise Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis Mo. we include quick dry carpet cleaning. This is done with large air movers blowing directly over the top of the carpet after they have been cleaned. Most carpet cleaning companies in St. Louis don’t include this service. Our customers prefer their carpet to be dry as soon as possible allowing normal use of the carpet in a few hours. One exception to this is when there is a pet odor issue in the carpet.

Carpets should dry quickly

Quick dry carpet cleaning

There is nothing worse than having your carpets cleaned and not being able to put furniture back or use the carpet for days due to the carpets being too wet. This is common with a lot of carpet cleaning companies due to the fact that is takes longer and more powerful equipment to dry the carpet in a few hours as apposed to a few days.

An added benefit to speed drying the carpet is that it will stay clean longer. Contact us for a free estimate.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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